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BROKEN VOWS Official Redband Trailer Jaimie Alexander, Wes Bentley Thriller Movie

Stars: Wes Bentley, Jaimie Alexander, Cam Gigandet "Broken Vows" Plot: A charming yet troubled man spirals into a rage after being rejected by the woman he .

Gone with Amanda Seyfried And Wes Bentley Movie Trailer (2-24-2012)

When her sister disappears, Jill is convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has returned, and she sets out to once again face her abductor.

'After the Fall' Trailer (2014): Wes Bentley, Jason Isaacs

Official trailer for 'After the Fall' starring Wes Bentley, Jason Isaacs, Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett, Beth Bailey and Luis Bordonada » Get Movie Times, Tickets, .

AMNESIAC Movie CLIP (Thriller, Wes Bentley, Kate Bosworth - 2015)

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We Are Your Friends Official Trailer 2015 Zac Efron, Wes Bentley Movie HD

Wes Bentley-Innocent

:D PLEASE READ ME. but only if you have time.

After.The.Fall (2014) Full Movie / Wes Bentley, Jason Isaacs

Terrified that he will lose everything he has achieved, he turns to a life.

The Time Being TRAILER 1 (2013) - Frank Langella, Wes Bentley Movie HD

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Ravisher Official Trailer #1 (2017) - Wes Bentley Movie HD

Ravisher Official Trailer #1 (2017) - Wes Bentley Movie HD The streets of America are no longer safe when a serial killer/rapist is back on the hunt.

Sam Rockwell, Taraji P. Henson Team for True-Life Drama 'The Best ... - Hollywood Reporter

Atwater was a maid who became a social activist, while Ellis was a laborer who began attending city meetings to speak on behalf of the poor white working class. Bissell is repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Henson, who is currently shooting the thriller Proud Mary for Screen Gems, is repped by UTA and Vincent Cirrincione Associates. The script, which Bissell wrote, is inspired by the book The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South by Osha Gray Davidson. The indie is being helmed by Robin Bissell. Sam Rockwell is teaming with Taraji P. Henson to star in The Best of Enemies , a true-life race drama from Astute Films. Rockwell, one of the busiest actors working in the indie scene, has several movies in the can, among them Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri , an all-star dark comedy from Martin McDonagh. Enemies centers on the unlikely friendship between Ann Atwater (Henson), an outspoken black activist, and Claiborne Paul Ellis (Rockwell), a ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, both of whom lived in Durham, N. C. , in the turbulent 1960s civil... Anne Heche, Wes Bentley, Bruce McGill, Nick Searcy and John Gallagher Jr. have also joined the cast, as has 2017 BAFTA nominee Babou Ceesay ( Guerilla ). The indie is being helmed by Robin Bissell — the longtime partner of filmmaker Gary Ross —... Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: Complete Winners List - Billboard

"Can't Stop the Feeling. "Wheel of Musical Impressions" with Demi Lovato — The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Melissa McCarthy — Saturday Night Live. WINNER: "Run the World (Girls)" feat. WINNER: "You’re the One That I Want" — ensemble, Grease: Live. "You Can't Stop the Beat" — ensemble, Hairspray Live. "Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke" — The Late Late Show With James Corden. "City of Stars" — Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, La La Land. Winona Ryder's Winning SAG Awards Reaction — 23rd Annual SAG Awards. "Beauty and the Beast" — Ariana Grande and John Legend, Beauty and the Beast. Source: www.billboard.com

Collins' Crypt: It's Time To Bring Back “Blank From Hell” Movies - Birth.Movies.Death. (blog)

The body counts were usually pretty low, and scares were usually limited to one or two moments for the trailer. There were a few exceptions to join P2 in the latecomers hall of fame, such as 2002's One Hour Photo , which cast Robin Williams as a technician from the titular locale, who becomes obsessed with a family whose photos he develops. in fact the only person Katherine Heigl kills in the movie is an abusive asshole - so what. Highly unlikely, sure, but far more possible than running afoul of giant monsters and needing Milla Jovovich to save me, and now on the rare occasions that my car needs a jump or has a flat tire I can't help but momentarily think about this silly... Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it limits the storytelling possibilities, and at a certain point it might as well be a dark comedy instead of a horror film. Movie website writers who drive up traffic by offing publicists that keep hounding them about posting teaser to teaser trailers. The Dentist (dentists), Dr. Giggles (doctors), Maniac Cop (cops), P2 (parking lot attendants). Serial Mom also focused on how the media turns murderers into celebrities, a big problem in the '90s thanks to OJ and such, which is probably why these kinds of films slowed to a trickle, as we moved on to other problems like terrorism and being... we've all had to deal with them at one point or another, perhaps you're even married to (or ARE) one yourself. Serial Mom , for example (recently re-released on Blu-ray with copious extras) more or less operates as a slasher film for its first half, with the title character (a rarely better Kathleen Turner) turns her kitchen knives against people who dare... But in turn, that got me thinking about all those "great" horror movies that were basically just "What if your ____ was psychotic. We even got another crazy cop version with Lakeview Terrace , though that film played up the racial tension (Sam Jackson's evil cop wasn't too pleased at the idea of an interracial couple living next door), so again there was a certain lack of... Since Serial Mom is our main character, there's no one to really fear for - we get to know her family of course, but they're not in any danger, and her victims are rarely seen much before she offs them, so it's hard to care much when they die... It was a dead serious film, with Williams purposely playing against type and adding most of the creepiness by sheer virtue of shedding his usual comic persona (it was, oddly enough, his second killer role that summer, after Insomnia ). There was... But aside from the scorned lover types or ripoffs like The Roommate , Terrace was pretty much the last one to hit multiplexes, all the way back in 2008. We are long overdue for a mini-revival, utilizing jobs that were never really explored or... If anything the ripoffs should be doubling down on the crazy in order to make up for making us watch a story we've already seen, rather than neuter the plot and make the whole affair even more pointless. ), I momentarily thought of the movie The Dentist , and how nothing in it scared me as much as the idea that he might end up biting this poor woman's finger off, resulting in possible lawsuits (and, almost certainly forcing me to find a new... The ones centered on specific jobs faded away, and we had to settle for more traditional "crazy boyfriend/girlfriend" types or just flat out ripoffs of earlier films, like Swimfan 's college-aged "homage" to Fatal Attraction (itself a glorified... Shockingly, unless you count Uwe Boll's Postal (based on the video game) there are no evil Postman movies that I know of (anyone making Costner jokes will be banned), and I would bet good money there is more than one spec script about a psychotic... Sure, the Resident Evil and Underworld sequels offered those kinds of thrills, but they're also part of franchises that some folks simply have no interest in - you need the "blank slate" an original can offer if you want the maximize your chances... Ideally they'd be horror movies, but I'll take the more grounded thriller versions if necessary - whatever the "mode", I just want to start making people temporarily afraid of their deliverymen and technicians again. Watching these movies can give you pause the next time you go for a checkup or exit an unfamiliar parking garage late at night, and there really are no limits to what job a writer can center their film on as long as there's some kind of... While horror is hardly in a bad spot right now thanks to Get Out and Split , there does seem to be a general lack of original "fun" horror flicks hitting multiplexes, except for sequels that US audiences apparently didn't really want anyway (as... In the late '80s/early '90s, the success of Fatal Attraction (crazy coworker/one night stand) and Pacific Heights (crazy tenant) paved the way for probably a dozen others in the same vein, but again they were more on the thriller (or even romantic... Of course, by going into horror territory the films basically become "horror hero" slasher films in the Nightmare on Elm Street sequel mode, focusing more on the villain instead of whatever victims they might butcher along the way. Not that Get Out wasn't fun when appropriate, but it's also not a movie I'd want to try to wrangle a big group of friends to go see (ideally at a theater that serves alcohol), as it's more like the kind I'd want to see with one friend and have a... Worse, they are PG-13 versions of R rated originals, so there's a safeness that limits the movies from ever being as fun as they should be. Why is Fatal Attraction , with classy actors like Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, so much more insane than... I mean, again, we have P2 - it's a movie about a deranged parking attendant (Wes Bentley) who engages in an all-night cat and mouse game with Rachel Nichols, who works in the building and generally pays no attention to the guy she probably talks... To be fair, the ones that were straight up horror, such as Dr. Giggles (which offered a medically-charged pun along with every single kill, many of which would make Schwarzenegger groan), never found the same kind of success, so it makes sense... Those kind of "Let's get some beer and have a good time" horror flicks tend to be largely VOD these days, which doesn't quite have the same charm to it, especially when you want to make an evening out of it (and not have to worry that your kid... With almost everyone gone (she was working late on Christmas Eve) and Bentley having control of the gates, it's movie-plausible enough to sustain a 90 minute runtime, offering up plenty of great suspense scenes and even a few kills (like another... Source: birthmoviesdeath.com

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    St. Martin's Griffin. 2014. ISBN: 9781466864245,1466864249. 288 pages.

    Nobody has a perfect mother. And, despite what some pushy moms would have us believe, nobody has a perfect daughter, either. It's sometimes hard to communicate with each other, but what can you do? Should you turn to Dr. Phil, psychotropic drugs, a hit man? No! Here's the solution: It's so simple, so obvious, so painless---the movies! Drawing on more than twenty years of watching movies together, real-life mother and daughter Rosemary Rogers and Nell Rogers Michlin offer plot synopses, cast...

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Wes Bentley, Actor: The Hunger Games. Wes Bentley is an American actor who first became well-known via his role in the Oscar-winning film American Beauty (1999), in ...

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Wesley Cook "Wes" Bentley (born September 4, 1978) is an American actor known for blockbusters and independent films. Bentley is best known for his roles as Ricky ...

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