White Bentley Truck

MotorWeek | First Look: 2017 Bentley Bentayga

Bentley's newest creation, the Bentayga, is the most luxurious and fastest SUV available.

Bow Wow Goes To Pick Up New Custom Matte White Bentley

Bow heads up Status Motoring in Jersey to pick his new custom matte white 4 door bentley.

New SUV Car 2018 2017 Bentley Bentayga White on White Interior Exterior Detail Review

New SUV Car 2018 2017 Bentley Bentayga White on White Interior Exterior Detail Review.


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Bentley Bentayga SUV 2016 white leather

Expensive Taste: Kylie Jenner BUYS Tyga A New White 2017 BENTLEY TRUCK + Driving 2017 i8 BMW!


2017 Bentley Bentayga Arrival

Unwrapping the new 2017 Bentley Bentayga after it rolls off the delivery truck at Park Place Premier Collection with Bentley Dallas.

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2017 Bentley Bentayga - INTERIOR

New Bentayga Diesel Introducing Bentley's First Ever Diesel Our engineers have turned accepted wisdom around diesel engines on its head with the creation of .

2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV Tech & Design REVIEW

MotoMan gets an early shot at the 2016 Bentley Bentayga – the firm's first ever SUV.

Luther Strange Senate ad touts Mike Hubbard prosecution, Robert Bentley resignation - AL.com

"The guts to fight Montgomery corruption. Strange has denied the claims. Strange recused himself from the case, however, citing his use of the Auburn Republican's printing company. A new public corruption prosecution unit. Strange currently has three challengers for the Senate seat: State Rep. Ed Henry, former Christian Coalition President Randy Brinson and former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. "We sent him to Montgomery to clean up political corruption," the narrator says. The prosecution and conviction of a corrupt House speaker. Corrupt politicians convicted," the ad says. The ad also touts Strange's ties to Trump. Strange was Alabama's Attorney General when his office prosecuted Hubbard for a range of felony ethics violations. "And big Luther Strange kept his word, fighting corrupt Montgomery insiders and special interests. The 1 minute, 30 second spot begins with images of Strange driving his muddy truck into a car wash just as a group of suited men get sprayed by water. Bentley resigned in March - one month after appointing Strange to the U. S. Senate - as part of a plea deal over campaign and ethics violations. Strange drew fire for his handling of the case , with critics saying he delayed the investigation into Bentley by asking the House impeachment committee to put its work on hold. The ad then cuts away to the headline "Strange will investigate Bentley," followed by another that says "AL Speaker Mike Hubbard sentenced to 4 years. Luther Strange's campaign hits at Washington insiders and liberal politicians, while touting the prosecution of former Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard and the resignation of ex-governor Robert Bentley. Source: www.al.com

After A Crime, The Family's Truck Is Seized. In Texas, Getting It Back Costs More Than Money - KERA News

“They know what the rules are, and they know how to play them,” she said. “I felt like I had to push through to take care of these kids because if not, they would’ve starved,” she said. This session, there’s a bipartisan effort to add Texas to that list, stirring a debate that raises questions about the balance of property rights and fighting crime. She reached a deal with Tarrant County District Attorney’s office this month. Most of the time, he says, the best policy is just to buy back the property. Her family was staying at her father-in-law’s house in Forest Hills, just outside Fort Worth. “I had no idea it was that high, or I had no idea that I could die from it. ”. Greeson feels lucky her son was born healthy. Jumes says that’s all true, and that’s exactly why the laws should be reformed. “We have trouble trying to stop the illegal flow of narcotics and cash and assets from the sale of these narcotics,” he said. January 7 started like an ordinary day for Greeson and her two young kids. District attorneys, sheriffs and police associations oppose every one of the reform bills. Ann Wright from the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office told lawmakers doing that would be a gift to criminals. “It makes me feel like I did something wrong, that I’m having to pay for it, that I’m having to spend this money to get it back,” she says. Because it’s civil court, the cases drag on, and unlike criminal court, there’s no right to an attorney for those who can’t afford one. In Texas, he says that includes too many poor people who are caught up in a system designed to target big-time criminals. The same day they were released, lawmakers in Austin were hearing testimony on nearly a dozen bills to rein in asset forfeiture. He worked asset forfeiture cases as a federal prosecutor, and now fights them in private practice. Two states have banned civil asset forfeiture altogether and nearly a dozen have limited its use. Five months since her husband’s arrest, Greeson’s kids are staying with family members. “Immediately they took me into delivery and said we’re taking this baby before you stroke out,” she said. Though reformers started the session optimistic that at least some of the reform efforts would pass, it's unclear any of them will survive the legislative session. “Where’s our truck. 'Where's our truck. The reform legislation takes a number of approaches to limit asset forfeiture and add transparency to the process. Ten years in prison plus a Ford F-150. Greeson says she’s mad at her husband for running around with drugs. But he says it’s too costly and complicated to fight forfeiture, and case law stacks the deck steeply against property owners. After a week, she was able to get her daughter’s car seat out of the truck. Reform advocates, from staunch conservatives like Colleyville Republican Konni Burton to Democratic stalwarts like Senfronia Thompson of Houston, say the system creates too much collateral damage. But everything else – two laptops, a tablet, some of the kids’ Christmas presents — was staying in the truck. Crystal Greeson is less concerned by forfeiture’s crime-fighting potential than she’s focused on restoring the damage it’s done to her life. Still, she says, this forfeiture system feels unfair, like her whole family is being punished for the father’s crimes. “ I think most of us are shocked they’re looking at Crystal’s truck. Crystal Greeson learned about civil asset forfeiture when it turned her life upside down. With that money, she’ll buy back the family truck. Baby Bentley and Greeson spent nearly a week in the hospital while doctors worked to stabilize her blood pressure. Life without that truck was hard on Greeson. Cops found 14 grams of crystal meth in the family’s white Ford F-150. Greeson’s mind started to race. Jumes says Greeson’s case is an example of how civil asset forfeiture is too broadly applied. Now, Greeson is getting money together to buy the truck back from the police. The Forest Hills police told Greeson she wouldn’t be getting the 12-year-old truck back. “One of the most effective tools that we have fighting traffickers of narcotics of people is civil asset forfeiture,” says Jackson County Sheriff AJ Louderback , legislative director for the Sheriff’s Association of Texas. That same bill, which would have spared Crystal Greeson’s truck, would also require a criminal conviction for law enforcement to keep seized property. “Crystal did not marry a perfect guy,” said Steve Jumes, a lawyer who's helping Greeson negotiate the truck buyback with the Tarrant County District Attorney's office. Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson declined an interview, but her spokeswoman said in a statement that Greeson’s husband, David Brown, owned the truck, used it in a manner subject to forfeiture, pled guilty to drug possession and had a... Steve Jumes drove down to in favor of a bill, introduced by Burton and Thompson, to limit asset forfeiture to vehicles worth more than $10,000. Under that law, the truck Greeson relied on — the one that was seized when her husband got arrested —... Source: keranews.org

Fake news played large in Luther's ad - Lagniappe

On almost every planet in the known universe what Strange did is unethical and politically smells like a dead skunk. I’m also pretty sure Strange had recused himself from the investigation he refused to admit existed. Specifically, I think it’s pretty clear “Big Luther” went over to meet Gov. Whoever put this 1-min-30-second tribute to slick political BS together deserves whatever money Big Luther dumped on them and a few expensive Cuban cigars to boot. But if things don’t ultimately work out for BL in this race, he can at least fall back on being editor of fake news at the Valley Times. The paper began publishing weekly at the beginning of April 2014. The SAD reality is something I’ve feared and dreaded for many months – our likely two choices after the Repulsican runoff – (assuming the DemocRats don’t choose to sway it some... Rob Holbert Rob Holbert is co-publisher and managing editor of Lagniappe, Mobile’s independent newspaper. Regular readers of this column may have noticed by now that I have some serious issues with former Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange’s attempt to become the duly elected U. S. Senator representing this state in Congress. If the first of Big Luther’s campaign ads can be used as a guideline, we’re in for a lot of outlandishness over the course of this election. At this point it seems pretty clear the vision of Luther Strange as a corruption-fighting law enforcement officer is going to be rammed down Alabamians’ collective throats as he tries to stay in his ill-gotten seat. The basic gist of the ad is that Strange went to Montgomery and ran all the crooked politicians out of town, while at the same time fighting the Obama agenda and making sure babies weren’t aborted. ” As BL washes his truck, three guys in suits — no doubt the alluded-to corrupt politicians and insiders — are drenched in soapy water and begin writhing around as if they’ve been sprayed with hydrochloric acid. And he’s going to have the money to do that, as the Republican National Senatorial Campaign Committee has already made it well known Strange is the candidate they will back in the election, even threatening to punish political consultants who run... Soon there’s a huge Valley Times headline about the conviction of House Speaker Mike Hubbard, which gives Luther credit for his prosecution and conviction. Robert Bentley and ask the Luv Guv to appoint him senator at the very same time his office was investigating our lovesick chief executive. The first banner headline — the kind generally reserved for alien landings and nuclear war — tells us “STRANGE WILL INVESTIGATE BENTLEY. It starts off with BL driving a white pickup truck smeared with what looks like Grey Poupon mustard, but I guess is supposed to be mud. Often politicians may take flattering newspaper headlines from real, existing newspapers and use them in ads to give the viewer the general idea some newspapers had gone to the trouble of writing good things about the candidate. So I’ve come to feel like Big Luther is kind of a big liar and willing to put his own political desires before the truth or doing what’s right. OK, I hate to criticize a storied newspaper like Valley Times, but I’m pretty sure Bentley pleaded guilty to campaign issues, not a sex coverup. He’s punching in the code at the car wash as the voice-over tells us BL was sent to the state capital to “clean up political corruption, and Big Luther Strange kept his word, fighting corrupt Montgomery insiders and special interest. While Strange may portray himself as a good ol’ boy, a blue-collar guy who fights political corruption, the reality remains that he’s a former D. C. lobbyist whose raw political aspirations have been laid bare by the way he handled the Bentley... It’s really a heck of a scoop for the news team at Valley Times, especially since Big Luther consistently dodged the issue of whether his office was investigating Bentley when asked whether he should be interviewing for a job with the governor. Perhaps we can all discuss Big Luther’s role in some of the other matters brought up in the commercial — Obamacare, the Second Amendment, abortion, the BP settlement — but there’s really no way Strange can make the claims he cleaned up Montgomery... The Valley Times also blasts “BENTLEY RESIGNS, PLEADS GUILTY TO SEX COVERUP” while the announcer gives BL credit for the investigation leading to Bentley’s resignation. The next big Valley Times story is “LUTHER STRANGE SAYS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF CONTROL” as the voice-over begins ticking off the list of Strange’s major accomplishments, starting with fighting big government and gay marriage. I guess for Big Luther such headlines didn’t exist, so his ad team made up a fake newspaper called Valley Times — and the folks at Valley Times LOVE writing positive headlines about BL. Maybe the editor is a Big Luther relative. Source: lagniappemobile.com

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    When I tell you that my heart raged against the Lord, it raged against the Lord when it came to this particular season of my life. Whether I made these decisions for myself or if this were another one of those assignments God had me on. Either way they both were tormenting and long suffering. I thought God had finally answered my prayers. I was living right. I was doing everything that He said for me to do, to the best of my ability. He said, “He would give me my heart’s desire.” “Just wait...

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2000 Bentley Arnage - white - rvr
Photo by Rex Gray on Flickr


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