Vintage Cadillac

1965 Cadillac DeVille Convertible Classic

This car is just as it came from the factory and a great classic car.

1958 Cadillac Vintage Commercial

1958 Cadillac Commercial, Spot for Used 1957 Cadillacs.

1963 Cadillac Sedan De Ville - Beautiful Low Mileage Classic Car

This is a beautiful example of an early 60's Cadillac.

1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo Classic

Come ride in this vintage 1972 Cadillac Fleetwod Seventy-Five Limousine.

1979 Cadillac Seville Elegante - American Luxury Top Tier circa late 70s classic car

Take a look at American craftsmanship at its finest displayed throughout this 1979 Cadillac Seville Elegante.

Cadillac Car Show Las Vegas Nevada

Town Square in Las Vegas hosted a classic Cadillac car show in April 2013. It was a beautiful day with beautiful cars.

Cadillac Classic Car Show Signal Hill Ca

Classic Cadillac Car Show Signal Hill , Long Beach Ca At Boulevard Cadillac 11/15/15, Just tryin to get it all in wind picked up clouds moved in enjoy the Classic .

1958 Cadillac Sixty Special Gateway Classic Cars Chicago #839

The Cadillac line has always been known for classy and sometimes.

1931 Cadillac V12 | Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne works on a 1931 Cadillac V12 Sedan.

1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville 331 V8 - Vintage Classic Automobile

I thought you'd like a look at his nicely restored 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

Cadillac Creeps Up on Tesla With a Plush Plug-In - Bloomberg

As the auto industry’s luxury giants slowly turn their big guns toward Elon Musk and his factories in Nevada and California, they are launching a wave of machines to weaken his defenses. It’s all a notch below Porsche’s new Panamera cockpit, but still pure luxury in the country-clubbiest sense of the word. It already tried that with its ELR coupe, a gorgeous wedge of metal that despite slashed prices turned only a couple of thousand heads in its short time in production. If we stayed for 4. 5 hours and plugged in, the return trip would have been almost entirely electrified as well. For the next 400 miles, the stately vehicle uses gasoline to mimic a BMW, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The hybrid costs $75,095 and compares in features to the second-highest trim of the standard CT6, which is about $6,000 less. “Just tip into it a little here when you get a chance,” Mike Kutcher, lead development engineer on the car, coached from the passenger seat. The killer app, according to Kutcher, is an all-new variable transmission that seamlessly blends the electric input from the battery in the trunk with the old-fashioned explosions from the cylinders up front. The car will hit 78 miles per hour on electrons only, but with a goose of the pedal, the combustion engine murmured to life. That’s roughly when the battery runs dry on its new CT6 hybrid sedan. Brand owner GM has already sourced a battery that can crack the critical 200-mile mark for its Chevrolet Bolt and is ordering enough of them to make the financial engineering work. On our 31-mile trip to a restaurant in Tarrytown, New York, the combustion engine stayed asleep almost the entire time. Cadillac says it’s far more focused on shape than sustainability—specifically SUV shapes. I was 20 miles north of Cadillac’s Manhattan nerve center before I started burning prehistoric plankton. For a big car, there’s little listlessness or body lean, and the heavy battery bolted on top of the rear axle planted the car as it pushed through turns. Ironically, the Cadillac brand is arguably better positioned than any of its rivals to take the fight to Tesla. The burled wood of the dash makes one feel as if they are piloting a vintage cello. The burled wood of the dash makes one feel as if they are piloting a vintage cello. The CT6, like all of Cadillac’s current sedans, is a joy to drive. In short, Cadillac made a big, beautiful, plug-in sedan because it can. Cadillac, it turns out, does a great Tesla impression—for about 30 miles at least. The CT6 plug-in is a Cadillac first and foremost, with the electric motors just an intricate and expensive option. Cadillac knows the CT6 hybrid isn’t a Tesla killer. it just wasn’t quite a Tesla and it wasn’t quite a Cadillac (much of the guts came from the Chevy Volt). Cadillac’s new hybrid joins a growing field of plug-in leviathans, including BMW’s 740e, the S550e from Mercedes, and the Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. Source:

I Did a Digital Detox in a 1960 Cadillac El Dorado. Maybe You Should, Too - Bloomberg

A block of cheese and a well-timed tackle (ahem) ended the “fun. I heard elements of long-loved songs I hadn’t noticed before. You know, in case the world ended while we were away. It would take a gas attendant forever to find it, if you didn’t give him any clues. The emails and texts came like a deluge. The gas tank was hidden underneath the trunk at the center of the tail, behind a little mesh gate. And we chased that blasted dog through the fields for an hour of what he thought was playtime but nearly sent his already nervous owner into a panic attack. It was perfect for our goal of detaching and detoxing from the hyper-stimulation of modern life. The Stall Of course, there were some flubs along the way. But a nice man in a truck pulled over, chatted for a while, and offered to let us use his landline “up at the house” while he speculated about what the problem might have been. I didn’t have my phone at hand, where it was exactly, I happily couldn’t say. for drive, move the lever to one of the two spots in the middle. I loved the wide, thin steering wheel and the bouncy-as-a-sofa seats. With the cell phone off, every sense was heightened: I appreciated the crisp, spring smell in the air better. When we drove into town for lunch, I felt placid and focused rather than frenzied after the drive. Louie’s mom ) the landline phone number for the barn. She would brake fine, you know, but you had to give her pleennnty of advance notice that you feel like stopping. What I was more interested in was the car. to reverse, you pulled the shifter on the steering wheel all the way to the right. I was of the notion that dogs have an uncanny sense of finding their way back home by dinnertime. I thought that I’d be itching to activate my phone—I love Instagram and texts and Twitter. Our brains are not wired to defend ourselves against the additive qualities the technology is bringing us. ”. Hagerty was the one who lent us—my sidekick DJ Louie XIV and me—the wheels. The idea also happened to dovetail nicely with this woodland retreat I had been stalking online for some time and wanted to see for myself. The smooth, massive, floating-drive style of the El Dorado more than made up for any inconvenience. I could paint a picture of a verdant 15-acre plot in the Delaware River Valley three hours north of New York City and a world away from the current political climate. “We have a crisis of attention now,” McKeel Hagerty, the chief executive officer of Hagerty. “I travel all around the world speaking to executives, and they can’t get off their phones. We stayed at Milk Barn , a 144-year-old estate near Hankins, N. Y. It had been renovated in the 1970s and '80s by an Italian fashion photographer so he could host his bohemian and artist friends there as a retreat from New York City. The Detox I realize I have not defined what I mean by “digital detox. I just need to find the right car. But the car did stall out in the worst possible spot—on a hill rounding a tall gradual corner on some back road somewhere between Livingston Manor and Callicoon. That car could handle anything, as long as you didn’t make any sudden moves. And when I got back to the office the next day I felt more refreshed than when I’ve spent long weekends physically away but constantly bombarded with alerts and news on my phone. Because I could so keenly feel what the car was doing, driving was an active experience. To start the car cold, you have to push the pedal a few times. In 1960, Car Life magazine named the El Dorado the “Best buy in the luxury field. It came to us in convertible form (the top did rise up at the push of a button, hypothetically, after someone spent 10 minutes removing half the top of the trunk to free it) with a 345-horsepower V8 engine that growled and purred like a Bengal cub. That makes sense—the etched and stained glass throughout, the sauna, the marble countertops, and massive wooden beams above Old World wooden floors feel directly descended from European stock. (Old cars have old brakes, as the saying goes. I expect the engine was still a little cold, and combined with the half-tank of gas angled at such a way as to leave half the tank sucking fumes as we climbed the hill. It’s the opposite of what modern automakers market us to believe: The cars with less technology actually make you more connected to the road, and more connected to the people around you. Concessions were made for my Sony camera, so I could shoot the trip, and the aforementioned boom box, which we held between us in the car on the way up. We used a Rand McNally Road Atlas and directions from strangers to navigate our way north. And what a car for us two chinchillas looking to detox: a 1960 Cadillac El Dorado in ecru with a Coke-bottle red interior. But mostly I want to tell you how calm I felt driving 80 mph on an upstate New York highway with no seat belts, Courtney Love blaring on a retro boom box, and a 10-pound Chihuahua sliding around on the red bench seat next to me. Ordinarily I would... But for days afterward I kept thinking about the fact that I felt more peaceful and engaged with the world driving a car that had no technology to speak of, in contrast with the distraction and disconnection that happen in modern cars chock full... The year 1960 was the last time Cadillac made those epic wrap-around glass windshields and the year after the El Dorado logged the all-time largest fins on an American car, ever. The Value of Vintage I found myself in this situation as I drove myself back from the 24-hour digital detox, which I had somehow convinced a room full of editors would be a good idea as a way to explore modern uses for vintage cars. Source:

From The World Tree To Party Drugs: The 'American Gods' Title Sequence Explained -

Continuing this, we see the Christian Madonna in front of a halo-like sun. It's unclear as to whether this sequence is intended as a criticism of modern culture in comparison to the traditions of old. This modernization is very close to the Bible's ancient description of angels. The Laughing Buddha The pills continue to swirl and dance around Budai Luohan, popularly known as the Laughing Buddha. She and her Gorgon sisters were related to the Graeae, so it makes sense for these these women to appear right after Medusa. This image is more sinister, implying that even the religions that still thrive in the modern world are being overtaken by technology and are falling victim to a shift in human focus. When we get close to the angel's head we can see it has two pairs of binoculars as eyes. This could be a nod to modern cults and religions like Scientology who believe that Jesus was an alien sent by a more evolved species to try and teach humans the best way to progress. Hannukah Menorah The menorah is an easily recognizable symbol from Judaism, used for celebrating the festival of Hannukah. Because he is associated with happiness, plenty and luck, it's fitting that he's surrounded by pills that seem to be recreational, or "happy pills. Yggdrasil doesn't just appear in the opening sequence, but is a frequent recurring image in Shadow's dreams. Even though the cowboy is a more modern image, it has become an icon of legend much like that of the centaur. The Moirai/Graeae Following on in this Greek myth trend, these three women appear right after Medusa. In the Reddit thread, others pointed out that this could also be Ares, Greek god of war, as the figure seems to be riding in a chariot drawn by muscle cars. Lady Injustice The classic figure of Lady Justice is blindfolded, holding a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other. The cowboy is interesting too, as the popular image of a cowboy is starkly different to the gritty reality of life on the frontier. It's very easy to see how this relates to American Gods. Crucified Astronaut After a stone engraving of a rocket blasts off, we see an astronaut crucified on the cross like Jesus in Christian iconography. Because all the symbols thus far combine to create a totem pole, a point is being made here about America itself — how all these gods and modern technologies are immigrants to a land that already had a thriving belief system. Stuffed full of symbolism, the title sequence contains vital clues about the plot of the show, while weaving a tale of humanity's journey from the spiritually ancient to more modern vices. Here, we see American Gods' interpretation of Lady Justice, with a VR helmet standing in for the blindfold and a crossbow loaded with a missile for the sword. In Greek mythology, the Graeae were oracles, able to see the future through their one eye. The scales are bound by chains and upon them rest two vintage cars similar (but not identical) to the one Shadow drives for Mr Wednesday. Medusa We all know the Greek myth of the gorgon Medusa, a fair maiden cursed by Athena after she was raped by Poseidon on Athena's consecrated ground. The centaur is a figure from Greek mythology, and because of its position in front of the neon cowboy an interesting link is drawn between the role of horses in mythology and history. Yggdrasil, The World Tree At the root of Norse cosmology is Yggdrasil, a star-spanning tree that connects the nine different realms of existence, from Well of Urd through the frozen Jotunheim and holy Asgard to the heavens above. However, because of its recognizable connection to Islam, it would seem that this is what the symbol represents in the American Gods opening sequence. Ganesh & The Lotus Flower An aircraft engine, a rotating wheel of syringes and test-tubes, and a lotus blossom form a pedestal for the Hindu god Ganesh — who is holding a smartphone in each hand. Almost always depicted as sitting on a lotus flower, Ganesh is a deity of learning and education, which might explain the use of the syringes and test-tubes in this part of the opening sequence, as these items are used in medical experiments to... Gun-Totting Angel We next see the image of an angel holding rifles, which, as they fire, throw the angel's wings into sharp relief. In the American Gods opening sequence, the snakes that adorn Medusa's head weave between fiber-optic cables, an example of how the show fuses the old with the new. Many descriptions of angels in the Bible describe them as having many terrifying eyes, and right from Genesis angels have been depicted as wielding weapons like blazing swords. The Star & Crescent Moon In a brief flash, we see a floating pill with a star on it intersect with a gleaming silver orb, forming the symbol of the star and crescent moon. Mr Wednesday is Odin, who rides up and down the World Tree each day in Norse mythology — though in the show, he seems to have exchanged his horse Sleipnir for a sweet vintage Cadillac. The American Gods opening sequence gives the women one eye each in the form of a camera lens at the center of their foreheads, giving a new spin on the Graeae being able to see the future. Considering that ancient peoples also engaged in recreational drugs (especially as part of holy rituals), it seems that the opening sequence is as much a demonstration of how, for all that we've changed, humanity stays the same — we're still... Eagle-Topped Totem Pole Finally, we zoom out to see that all these icons line up to form a totem pole, with an eagle sat atop it. The eagle is a popular symbol in history (the USA, Roman Empire, and Third Reich all used it as a symbol of their... Source:

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  • The Cadillac Diet

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Faded glory
Photo by newplasticmachine on Flickr
classic vintage classiccars
Photo by James O'Gorman on Flickr
toronto cadillac vintagead
Vintage Ad #498: The Cadillac Who Hated the Cold
Source: Toronto Life, February 1967
Photo by jbcurio on Flickr


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