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Driven: Superformance Cobra from new Arizona dealership - Classic Car News

“It’s a hot, retro-mod hot rod, traditional but with modern performance,” Manni said. The new owner then arranges to have the drivetrain installed, a process most-often facilitated by the Superformance dealership. The MKIII that replicates the 427 Cobra is priced at $53,000 for the base roller, plus optional extras such as special wheel-and-tire combinations that will boost the bottom line. Since there were just six Cobra Daytonas in the ’60s built to compete in endurance racing, and since one of them would command values up to $5 million, this seems downright reasonable. I took that red Cobra Mark III out for a brisk drive and it was everything that the company said it would be. The roaring power from the 427 stroker V8 feels limitless, although we were on public streets and couldn’t really wring it out as you... The Superformance Cobras do not come cheap, although not bad considering the style, performance and build quality. The MKIII is full of sound and fury, and it’s like buying a brand-new Shelby 427 Cobra, with all the glorious style and outrageous power that entails. “We’re probably the largest distributorship of Shelby replicas in the world. The replica vehicles do not have to meet Monroney labeling requirements, pass emissions requirements or be subjected to crash testing. this car was outfitted with some sticky race rubber. The ride is surprisingly supple for a such a tight little car, with no noticeable harshness and minimal buffeting. The modern-day Cobra retains its ’60s character with a fiberglass body nearly identical to the flare-fendered original – “aesthetically and dimensionally correct,” the company says in its literature – built to a high standard with modern... These Shelbys are sold alongside the Superformance replicas. The handling is superb, as expected, feeling balanced and aggressive as the car dives into corners. In this impressive automotive toybox, all of these sports cars have one thing in common. As this point, the company is dealing with red tape requirements to allow it to put the road-ready cars in their dealerships. Back in the showroom was an actual new Shelby Cobra, this one a continuation 427 model direct from Shelby American, complete with a serial number starting with the CSX of the originals. Insurance companies appreciate the build quality as well, he said, and adjust their rates accordingly, while they might charge more for lesser-known replicas of questionable quality from other manufacturers. Up to now, small-batch auto manufacturers could get around safety and environmental regulations that regulate the major automakers, domestic and foreign, only by selling their products as “kit cars” without engines. With one of the MKIIIs up on a lift, Manni pointed out the precise craftsmanship that goes into the cars, as well as the top-notch components. The most-popular engine for the 427 Cobra replicas is the Ford 351 cid Windsor V8, which is bored and stroked to 427 and pumps out 525 horsepower, he said. Superformance is the distributor for the cars, with Hillbank Motor Corporation operating the chain of about 20 dealerships worldwide, Manni noted. Parked on the showroom floor were a half-dozen beautifully replicated Cobra roadsters, a Daytona coupe that seemed like it just got back from Le Mans and an aggressive-looking Corvette Grand Sports, all appearing wonderfully authentic, all built... The Daytona coupe version, which Manni describes as a sophisticated highway cruiser as well as a performance car, starts at $120,000 for the roller and finishes up at about $160,000 complete. “There are 500 artisans there that hand-build the cars,” said Manni, adding that the fiberglass bodies are hand-laid and polished, and expertly finished with PPG paint. That comes later, after the customer buys a car, which is otherwise fully equipped with brakes, electrical systems and every other component of a modern vehicle, including choices of optional equipment. Like the Superformance cars, the Shelby’s engine was absent. There are some other deviations from the original 427 Cobra in such things as the frame construction – boxed square framework for the Superformance rather than the huge 4-inch round main tubes of the Shelby Cobra. But walking through the glass doors revealed a multi-colored array of Superformance and Shelby performance cars that looked like they had just arrived from the ’60s in a time machine. Whatever the choice, the owner should have a thrilling driving experience in a fast and tractable roadster that provides vintage Cobra performance without the maintenance challenges of owning a more-than 50-year-old car. Last year, Superformance announced a “continuation” Ford GT40 MkI and MkII built from pressed steel and so close to the original 1960s Le Mans-winning race car that 85 percent of the parts are interchangeable. But for now, the current system is no big deal, Manni said, and it also allows buyers to choose which engines and transmissions they want in their sports cars. Part of the joy of being in the Superformance business, Manni says, is dealing with Shelby American and enjoying the performance of the cars. For such companies as Superformance, the law means that the company can sell complete, running cars rather than having the drivetrain retrofitted after the sale. Seeing all these ersatz Cobras might lead one to believe that the Superformance cars are plentiful and fairly common, Manni said, but that’s just not so. Only about 300 are produced per year for the worldwide market. This is the choice most owners would make for a different Superformance product, the MKII Slabside that replicates the original 289 Cobra, with its slimmer form that is more directly related to the AC Ace from which Carroll Shelby created the Cobra. “These cars are rare and exotic, and you’re not likely to see one coming the other way,” he said during a tour of the facility. Manni added that resale values remain high for Superformance sports cars because of the company’s reputation for a quality product that replicates the look and feel of the originals. For the Cobras, Daytonas and Corvette Grand Sport, the customer’s choice will be which high-performance V8 and transmission will go into the new sports car. Licensed by Shelby American and constructed in South Africa, the MKIII is a superb replica of the Cobras that Carroll Shelby built from the British AC Ace to take on the world’s greatest sports racers, and to win. The new GT40 is priced at $130,000 for the base car sans engine, coming out to $170,000 for the running car. Add sourcing of the engine, transmission and the cost of installation, which includes setting the car’s height and stance once the drivetrain is installed, and the finished car can be had for a little as $80,000. There are some special-edition... The Tempe dealership also displayed another product, a Caterham 7 from England, a lithe, lightweight and minimalistic sports car modeled after the original Lotus 7. Like the Cobra and Corvette Grand Sport replicas, the Caterham comes as a roller... Source: news.classiccars.com

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S First Drive - Lamborghini Supercar ... - RoadandTrack.com

Breathe on it a fraction too early and you'll lose the Lambo's nose. You can trim your line with the gas, trail brake into corners, push the tail out a little on the exit. Not with a new Ford GT and McLaren 720S on the horizon. It also makes many rights even righter. It has a new lightweight exhaust, aero tweaks, and revised springs. at higher speeds, they all move in the same direction. a fourth drive mode allows you to mix and match chassis and drivetrain settings. The effect is something like a telescoping wheelbase. Even the stopwatch doesn't, Lamborghini quoting the same 2. 9-second 0—62-mph time as before. There's more power, naturally, from the naturally aspirated 6. 5-liter V12. Output climbs from 691 to 730 hp, thanks to a redesigned intake and optimized variable valve timing. You'll never mistake it for a Lotus Elise, but this is a big step in the right direction. People who couldn't imagine that the boring front-engine Ferrari they'd walked past was twice as good. In the Aventador S, it's called Ego. Those new magnetic shocks deliver far better composure. Two actuators at the rear axle apply up to three degrees of countersteering angle, mimicking a crazy, 19. 7-inch wheelbase reduction. All told, it's enough to make you forget that the Aventador S weighs in at about 4000 pounds. FOUR-WHEEL STEERING. So the Aventador S rights many wrongs. On the road, the four-wheel-steering benefits are even more pronounced. Still, testing the Aventador against a Ferrari F12berlinetta in Modena back in 2013 , we were mobbed by people clamoring to pose for photos with the mid-engine monster. To stave off rotation at autobahn speeds, 1. 5 degrees of steering angle is available, replicating a 27. 5-inch stretch between the axles. For all its scissor-door theater and flame-spitting antics, the Aventador always felt like a fastball that fell a foot short of home plate. But just when the practical points start getting annoying, you hear that V12 roar and watch the new TFT instrument dial register a full 8500 rpm before hooking another brutal upshift, a sensation like being rear-ended at a stoplight. At low speeds, the rear wheels turn the opposite way as the fronts. But the star really is that new four-wheel steering. Even at the Aventador S's $424,845 price, there's nothing like it. You'll need to step up to a million-dollar hypercar to go sillier. It wants to turn, even more so than the track-focused, gumball-equipped Aventador SV. It'll yaw a little too, since Sport mode can send 90 percent of torque rearward. This Goliath of a car verges on playful. Lamborghini's upcoming SUV , which will soon double the automaker's 3500-car annual output, might be the company's future. It's mighty quick, but cars from the class below have caught up. That said, the blown V8 supercars don't have the same feel-good factor. The result is a car that, though not perfect, drives like it looks. Hence the Aventador S, which supersedes the base Aventador this year. But the brand is built on the credibility of cars like the Aventador. One blast around the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain, and it's clear why Lamborghini is so keen on this setup: The Aventador S is loads more fun than the car it replaces. The system makes adjustments every five milliseconds and is functional from 0 mph to the car's 217-mph top speed. All of the outgoing car's exotic kit—the upward-opening doors, the screaming V12, the hand-laid carbon chassis, the pushrod suspension—carries over. A new front splitter and rear diffuser give the Lambo the effect of a much leaner, lower, wider car, and along with a new rear spoiler, contribute to a claimed 130 percent increase in front downforce. Four-wheel steering isn't exactly new, but it's the feature du jour, cropping up in everything from Cadillacs to the Porsche 911. But no machine has benefited from the tech as much as the new Lamborghini Aventador S. Lambo's engineers claim the... Source: www.roadandtrack.com

Exotic lizard recovered from woman's bra during bizarre DUI crash arrest - KPRC Houston

Rebello-McCarthy was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, driving to endanger and a marked lane violation. Police wrote on their Facebook page: “(You can't make this stuff up) Where does one hold a bearded dragon lizard while driving you ask. Officers said they found Rebello-McCarthy and a man at the scene, both incoherent. In a Facebook post, police reported, “When they approached (Rebello-McCarthy) she began laughing and didn’t feel the crash was that serious. Rebello-McCarthy’s blood alcohol level was just shy of doubling the legal limit of 0. 08, police said. In the middle of her arrest, Rebello-McCarthy told police that she had in her possession a bearded dragon lizard. The man who was also in the car, Marvin K. Kyewalyanga, 22, was handcuffed and taken into protective custody when police saw what they believed to be a semi-automatic gun. - A drunken driving suspect in Massachusetts had an exotic lizard in her bra, officers learned after a crash Tuesday. The man was trying to drive the car out of the mud, police said. Police said Amy Rebello-McCarthy, 39, hit six mailboxes with her 1999 Mercedes before driving up a lawn, where the car became stuck between some trees. Source: www.click2houston.com

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  • 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S First Drive - Lamborghini Supercar ...

    05/17/17 ,via RoadandTrack.com

    Four-wheel steering, ego mode, and a naturally aspirated V12. You'd need a million-dollar hypercar to go sillier. Charlie Magee. By Chris Chilton. May 17, 2017.

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    05/31/17 ,via Classic Car News

    “These cars are rare and exotic, and you're not likely to see one coming the other way,” he said during a tour of the facility. “But at the same time, we need to produce enough of them so that we have some inventory.” Up to now, small-batch auto

  • Exotic lizard recovered from woman's bra during bizarre DUI crash arrest

    05/17/17 ,via KPRC Houston

    Exotic lizard recovered from woman's bra during bizarre DUI crash arrest 1:39 PM, May 17, 2017. TAUNTON, Mass. - A drunken driving suspect in Massachusetts had an exotic lizard in her bra, officers learned after a crash Tuesday. Police said Amy


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