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2015 Ferrari La Ferrari: Tested! The New Production Car Record Holder? - Ignition Ep. 132

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Paying CASH for a New Ferrari !!!

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New Ferrari J50 !! The Italian job 2017

Hi guys today we can show you the new Ferrari J50 for Celebrating 50 Years of Ferrari in Japan . Please leave your comments share and Subscribe for new.

NEW CAR! Ferrari 458 Speciale Collection Day!

A monumentally awesome day.

Assetto Corsa - Ferrari F80 Concept @ Top Gear Test + Download

com/cars/ferrari-f80-concept/ New version link:.

New Ferrari F80, New Lotus Sedan, RWD Lambo Huracan - Fast Lane Daily

So we all really hope the future Ferrari looks exactly like Ferrari F80 rendering, Lotus is planning a crossover and sedan (wait a crossover.


o=U&video_id=IXfhdMcgSnQ So today I bought my new car which is a ferrari 458 spider.

All New Ferrari F12 TDF 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and Welcome to Alaatin61.

Ferrari at the Paris Motor Show 2016

Ferrari further broadens its range at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2016 with the world premiere of the new GTC4Lusso T, Maranello's first ever full four-seater to .

New Ferrari J50 - Full Review 2017 supercar - 50th Aniversy

2017 - 2018 New Car Review, Interior, Exterior - Suv, Sedans, Hatchback, coupe and sport cars SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.

Roxy Jacenko s new ferrari car! Yahoo7 be - Yahoo7 - Lifestyle - Yahoo7 Be

She also posted more snaps of the new purchase to her Instagram story which showed off the back and side view of the luxe car with the caption, "From sports carnivals to sports cars. p" data-module-type="article" data-frequency='{ "first": "", "interval": "" }' data-nativesectionid="5448442" data-beacon="" data-adtype="STRM,STRM_VIDEO" data-ad-type="STRM,STRM_VIDEO" data-animation="fadeIn"... Source:

A few laps in a Ferrari 488 Challenge | Autoweek - Autoweek

We were packed off to lunch and then given a route map to take our street 488 Spider up into the mountains. It starts with the 488 GTB’s aluminum spaceframe, but it’s tuned and tweaked for racing. It was amazing how everybody -- everybody -- pulled off the road to let me by, and I wasn’t flashing high beams or rudely honking the horn. On more mundane streets and freeways, the 488 is less comfortable in race or sport mode than it is in its “wet” setting. Theys did not hesitate to get right into it. Later he’d told another passenger that he had been going 8/10ths, but I think he was going more than that for my laps. That’s in both the Spider and the GTB coupe version (crazy, no. ). The retractable aluminum hardtop carries over from the 458 and operates in just 14 seconds at speeds up to 23 mph. And the feel of the road through the steering wheel is unmatched in anything outside the very best McLarens and Porsches. The twin-turbo 3. 9-liter dry-sump direct-injected mid-longitudinally mounted V8 makes 661 hp (. ) at 8,000 rpm and 561 pound-feet of torque at 3,000 rpm. The 488 is an entirely comfortable car. All that pushing around a car that weighs just 3,362 pounds wet (or 3,131 dry). In the older Spyders (and Spiders, the spelling varies) with the soft tops, this was also a problem, but of course the problem went away when the soft top was retracted. Hence, I reclined in the dome’s second floor with about 25 other seekers and got a “sound bath,” an experience described by the current owners of the Integratron as “…an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation,... It’s not just the sensuous flowing beauty of the shape on the outside, though there’s a lot to be said for sensuous, flowing beauty. It gets Challenge-specific engine mapping, shorter gear ratios, a racing shift strategy for the DCT transmission and a reduction in the weight of the powertrain and exhaust of 62 pounds. This was a heck of a race car. I have an old friend who probably still has hearing loss from the time I saw my first F40 in the wild and, while he was driving and I was in the back seat, screamed like a teenager. As you’ll no doubt recall, the 488 Spider has an all-aluminum spaceframe made up of 11 different aluminum alloys and computer-modelled to increase rigidity by 23 percent. In any case, next I made it to Thermal for an introduction to the 488 Challenge car. Last time I saw him, he was teaching me how to drive an F1 car (which I did not crash, btw). The most amazing thing about the race car was the amount of lateral grip available. It was tilted too far forward, and there was so little legroom that I was basically folded into the space next to the driver like a Mercury astronaut, but it looked like the driver’s seat was more accommodating. I could feel the car just starting to make little microslips and Theys making immediate microcorrections through the curves. But there is also that Ferrari mystique. Ah, the Ferrari. As our own dearly beloved Denise McCluggage once said, “There are no two words that go so perfectly together as ‘My’ and ‘Ferrari. It’s also the first Challenge car to get side slip angle control, which, along with the gear ratios and revised transmission mapping, lets you squirt faster out of corners. I don’t doubt the 2. 9-second 0-60 time Ferrari lists. The Integratron was built in 1959 by a possibly crazy person named George Van Tassel, who claimed a UFO from Venus had contacted him and told him to build it. Why had Ferrari routed me and a couple other lucky Ferraristees here. It hung on well beyond what I would have thought a 488 could do. The Pirelli Ferrari Challenge tires probably had a lot to do with that. It’s the first time Ferrari made a V8 with over 600 hp for the street. I think I had something or other lined up for that particular weekend, a kidney transplant or something, but I dropped it immediately and said Si, Grazie , yes to the Ferrari. Other interesting items on the 488 Spider include new forged alloy wheels that knock off almost 18 pounds of unsprung weight, better Brembos for 9 percent shorter stopping distances and a faster ECU controlling the magnetorheological dampers. But the first stop, the place Ferrari had us visit, was called the Integratron , an unlikely giant wooden dome way the heck out in the desert north of Joshua Tree. The engineering is certainly among the world’s most advanced -- the new car makes 661 twin-turbocharged hp out of just 3. 9 liters. Just as he started to feel some slip, usually at the rear as he got back on the gas, he dialed in a slight couple degrees of steering angle to counter it. Depending on where he’d set the little switches on the steering wheel, the system was... So I was driving my 488 to the Thermal Club, where I’d be introduced to and get a ride in the new 488 Challenge car. To help make the most of that without wadding it all up into a ball, there are numerous electronic traction, stability and braking aids, the most interesting of which might be the new SSC2, or side-slip angle control, that allows some power-on... “The first Ferrari Challenge races were more like track days,” Theys said. Every car comes attached to an unmatched racing pedigree that goes all the way back to Enzo Ferrari and all those wonderful Grands Prix and Le Mans victories. He’d also raced that car at Le Mans and other tracks, in addition to Indy cars. I did not cry when the next day came and I had to give the car back and fly off to drive something that, while I’m sure it was a sound and efficient whatevertheheck, wasn’t a Ferrari. If truth be told, I, like 99 percent of the planet, go all gooey when Ferraris drive by. I point them out to whoever’s in the car. Maybe you have: up Highway 74 from Palm Springs to Idyllwild then down the northern slope of Mount San Jacinto on Highway 243. On these roads, the stock street 488 feels not so much like you’re driving over the road but actually a part of it. The... To get to Thermal, a normal person would get on Interstate 10 and drive east for two and a half hours in some (hopefully air-conditioned) beater . Instead, I got a call from The Ferrari Guy -- a guy who doesn’t just regularly call up to shoot the... Instead, they had professional sports car driver Didier Theys, who won at Sebring and Daytona driving a Ferrari 333 SP, on his way to 10 professional wins in 333 SPs. So I slithered into a Nomex driving suit that fit about like a good sleeping bag would fit (with commensurate warmth) and slithered again into the passenger’s seat of a white Ferrari Challenge car. The experience of driving a 488 included three components, our affable Ferrari host explained when I’d arrived: the aural sensation, the outright performance of the Challenge car and the feeling I’d get driving the street version. Now, while they had given me a perfectly good 488 street car, Ferrari was not dumb enough to let me drive the actual race car, and I can’t say I blame them. Now, the first year with the 488, you have a lot of F1 technology: electronic differential, traction control with ABS, side-slip control -- this car (the Challenge car) is very close to a street car. We were sharing the track with real Ferrari Challenge cars driven by real racers (another great reason to not let the car writers drive). Source:

Meet Ferrari's exclusive new models - Drive

Ferrari has turned to its back catalogue to celebrate the brand's history ahead of its 70th anniversary next year. The car is set to feature hard and soft tops as well as reworked underpinnings and aerodynamics that match the performance offered by Ferrari's flagship coupe. Ferrari is expected to deliver cars to customers at the end of the year, releasing them at one moment rather than letting the hand-built machines trickle out of its Maranello factory. But local enthusiasts looking to celebrate the brand can mark its heritage with one of 350 limited-edition cars that feature historic colour schemes on regular models in the Ferrari range. The brand's Paris presence featured a 488 GTB coupe in red and white colours that pay tribute to Michael Schumacher's all-conquering 2003 Formula One machine, a brown California T convertible with tan leather that replicates Steve McQueen's tastes... Based on the 2013 LaFerrari coupe, the new Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta represents the brand's fastest open-top model, and the closest link to hybrid-powered Formula One machines raced by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikonnen. A searing 488 Spider nicknamed "the green Jewel" takes pride of place on Ferrari's stand, recognising races won by the privateer David Piper Racing outfit in the 1960s. Ferrari says it will celebrate its history around the world with a series of... Source:


  • The Ferrari Book

    TeNeues. 2017. ISBN: 3832797254,9783832797256. 304 pages.

    "One must first imagine a car," stated Enzo Ferrari. Nobody creates pictures worthy of the Commendatore's imagination quite like Gunther Raupp. Not just a random flood of images, this internationally renowned automotive photographer's artworks capture the seductive essence of these status symbols from Maranello-- maintaining the legendary Ferrari luster. Since 1984, Raupp has been the exclusive photographer for its official calendars-- now collectible cult objects. Recently, a major...

  • Grand Prix Ferrari

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. 2014. ISBN: 9781845846237,1845846230. 416 pages.

    A limited edition of 1500 copies. Grand Prix Ferrari is a brilliantly comprehensive, accurate account of the most important team in the history of motor racing. The highly readable and informative text is supported by over 200 interesting, and often striking, photographs.

  • The Book of the Ferrari 288 GTO

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. 2013. ISBN: 9781845842734,1845842731. 326 pages.

    Covers the entire story of the iconic Ferrari 288 GTO, including the prototypes, early production cars, mainstream production cars in their various specification guises, and the Evolution cars planned for the aborted Group B FIA race series. A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated look at a unique sports car.

  • Ferrari 70 Years

    Motorbooks. 2016. ISBN: 9780760353066,0760353069. 320 pages.

    For 70 years, Ferrari has produced automotive works of art to fire the imaginations of car lovers worldwide. A stellar combination of beauty, performance, racing success, exclusivity and Italian flair have combined to make Ferrari the world's most iconic carmaker. All these traits coalesce in the form of Ferrari's road cars. From the 125S in 1947, to the versatile 340 in the 1950s, to the stunning 250s and 275s of the 1960s, to the Daytona, to the shocking F40, to the modern era's outrageous...

  • Ferrari 312P And 312PB

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 9781845844844,184584484X.

    The origin and subsequent history of the 3-litre Ferrari sports cars, which the famed Italian firm designed and built to contest the various versions of the World Sports Car Championship between 1969 and 1973. This series of cars started with the V12 engine and progressed to using the Flat 12 Ferrari engine from the then current Grand Prix car.

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Lana Del Rey Releases Music Video For New Track 'Burning Desire'
Brit and Ivor Novello award winner Lana Del Rey today released the video for ‘Burning Desire’. It was written and composed by the singer songwriter and will feature as the title track to a special film called ‘Desire’...
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458 Italia.
One of the first to be delivered in the US, absolutely stunning car in person.
Photo by Damian Morys Photography on Flickr
Ferrari 458 Challenge - Circuit Val de Vienne - 15/11/2014 - Image Picture Photography - Organisateur : Club AGC86 Vienne -
Le Ferrari Challenge est un championnat monotype de sport automobile créé en 1993 par des propriétaires de la Ferrari 348 Berlinetta qui souhaitaient se mesurer les uns aux autres en compétition. Il englobe...
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