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This is one VERY nice 360 equipped with F1 6-Speed Transmission, Challenge Grill, Capristo Exhaust, 430 Wheels, Books, Tool Box and the BEST Color .

2004 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider for sale by Auto Europa Naples

Offered for sale is this stunning 360 Modena Spider from Ferrari, a 2004 model in Rosso Corsa with Cuoio hides.

Cheaper to own? Used Ferrari or New Corvette...

Here is something for you to think about, even if you don't have $75k sitting around in a bank to spend on a car, if you have steady income its a safer play to buy .

2001 Ferrari 360 for sale with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video


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Brad Darby gives some handy advice on buying a used supercar, which in this case is the Ferrari 360. He goes t through all the things you should keep an eye.

Now go buy a Ferrari 360 GTC racecar - Top Gear

All the better to deploy that race-bred, 3. 6-litre V8 and all of its 450bhp. The following year, it was sold to the Scuderia Playteam where it was quite a bit more successful. This particular car was labelled chassis number 2060, and delivered new to Scuderia Mik Corse for the 2004 Italian GT championship. It never reached those heady heights again, as it only saw occasional use (better to quit while still on top, no. ), and passed to its current owner in May 2008. We’re told it has been meticulously maintained by Michelotto ever since, with some... It is a 2004 Ferrari 360 GTC, and it could be yours for, well, quite a bit actually. Barring a new set of tyres and a cambelt, you can indulge in your ultimate Ferrari Racing Driver fantasies, 2060 being pretty much track-ready. Furthermore, there’s 310lb ft of torque on hand too, deployed to the rear wheels and carrying just 1,100kg of Ferrari (as per the racing regs). Thank Ferrari’s Corse Clienti department for this wide-eyed, wide-mouthed apex-splitter. Exactly 70 years ago today, Ferrari’s first ever car – the 125 S – competed in its first ever race. Developed by CC in collaboration with Michelotto – who help build all of Ferrari’s GT racing cars – it was the successor to the 360 GT. The chief change was a change in positioning for the rear wing. Future Ferrari GT racer Toni Vilander was one of the drivers on board for 2005, who would help chassis 2060 win the Spanish GT championship, and the Italian GT championship. Source:

At DFW's New Amusement Park, the Construction Equipment Used to Build It Is Half the Thrill - Dallas Observer

There are other unconventional attractions at the park, as well. It truly feels like the property is out in the country, although from several attractions, you can see the steel and cement plants that are the bulk of Midlothian's industry. Despite the name and Texplex's location in rural Texas, it's a pretty international affair. "My daughter loves to ride with me," Kirchmeier said. "First," he told us, "I'll take you on a ride at 30 percent of my capacity. Texplex is hoping to cater to corporate events and bachelor parties as the "ultimate adrenaline fix. For this part of the day, a man named Curtis Kirchmeier, who has been racing the vehicles for more than 40 years, was our guide. The latter consists of 5. 2 miles of trail that you can drive yourself, as well as a "thrill ride experience. Director of operations Casey Jarzombek, who has many years of experience insuring all types of amusement parks, moved from Seattle for this job. Texplex isn't even the highest-risk place she has insured. The park has one boat but there are plans to add more soon. And let us tell you, it sounds fun, but it's even more fun than it sounds. On one side of the property is the gussied up Blaine Stone, with an attractive pond and fire pits in front. On one side of a wooden, multisided bike jump is a giant air mattress called "the bubble" that will ensure a comfortable crash landing. The bike park caters to everyone from kids ages 3 and 4 to experts, Kehoe said. Various games were set up around the excavator we drove, including tires to stack with the machine and cones topped with balls for a makeshift game of construction basketball. After handing us lifejackets and instructing us to take off our shoes and anything else we didn't want to get wet or potentially lose, we hopped into the boat, which has about 10 seats across three rows, all facing the same direction. The instructor, David Sisk, gave each person an orange construction vest and a headset identical to his, which allowed him to instruct us step-by-step on how to operate the vehicle throughout the experience. Kehoe explained that clay isn't very fun to dig out of the earth, so he shipped in sand to replace the clay in this area. Last weekend, a handful of Observer staffers visited Texplex to see if it delivers the promised thrills. the only risks you incur are the normal risks of doing BMX or riding a UTV anywhere. The first activity we tried our hands at was Dig This, set up on top of a giant sand pit. The custom boat only needs 6 inches of water to run, but the manmade body of water it operates in – two small lakes connected by a channel – is about 4 feet at its deepest. The next of Texplex's activities we tested was the jet boat ride. On the other is Texplex, which consists of large tracts of groomed dirt, and shallow, manmade lakes for the various sporting activities. He runs all kinds of racing events in the DFW area and is in charge of designing the off-roading course at Texplex. After finding the large tract of land in Midlothian, Kehoe reached out to the founders of Dig This about allowing Texplex to be their first franchise. That might have made some uneasy, but Kirchmeier assured us there was no danger, and he's careful not to drive so aggressively that he risks flipping the UTV when touring people around Texplex. It's Texplex's version of a splash ride, and for each boatload of people, three or four of these spins were executed as Vieira drove back and forth from the lakes through the channel. Texplex plans to keep EMT staff on hand for large competitions or events but not during day-to-day operations. Once the boat took off, it headed through the channel and into the second lake, quickly picking up speed at first and then slowing down somewhat as Vieira took it into a powerful spin, which would have ejected us if we hadn't been holding on to... Texplex grand opening weekend, Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4, Texplex Park, 881 Miller Road, Midlothian. A customized jet boat with a Ferrari engine and movie theater seating will whip you around at up to 40 mph, or you can test your mettle on a 200-acre bike park or the off road park. And Kehoe has plans to host all kinds of extreme sporting competitions at his park, like the Ultimate Side by Side Showdown scheduled for July 29. People with their own dirt and motocross bikes, or UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles), are welcome at... Source:

Here's how Ferrari took its powerful 488 GTB to the racetrack - Autoweek

It should be obvious why GT3 cars are so important to manufacturers. It certainly resembles the car it replaced, the 458 Italia, but there’s one big difference in the profile that will allow any casual fan of the brand to pick out the 488 GTB : the enormous air intakes located just ahead of the rear tires. The GT3 cars run on “IMSA 100 E10” fuel ($10. 65 a gallon), a mix of 100-octane VP unleaded gas with 10 percent ethanol. And since the GT3 cars are raced all over the world, resale value is boosted. Then there’s the Ferrari 488 GTE/GTLM. And when the race cars race, and fans watch, it has to be good for brand recognition. Still, Mayer’s assertion seems surprising, given the 488 GTE’s lighter weight and more powerful turbo (at 5,000 rpm, for example, the GT3 is allowed a boost ratio of 1. 587, the GTE 1. 764), but he knows a lot more than we do, and a Michelin... At least two dozen groups around the world, including the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the Pirelli World Challenge, sanction races for GT3 cars. And because this is Ferrari we are talking about, designer Flavio Manzoni and his team integrated them so nicely that suddenly we see a 458 Italia and think: Man, that would look better with a pair of big, horizontally bisected air scoops. Formula 1 is definitely important to the global Prancing Horse family, but Ferrari’s mission has long been to take its road cars to the racetrack. The GT Le Mans cars use “IMSA 100 E20” ($11. 52 a gallon). those moving on from GT3 have a global market for used race cars. To change over a 488 GT3, you must change the front and rear wings and arches for the wheels, and there’s work you must do to the engine — but the projected cost of about $125,000 is reasonable because, in the end, you have a Ferrari 488 GTE. IMSA will slow down the fast cars, speed up the slow cars to the point where absolute horsepower, as delivered from the factory, is less relevant than you’d expect. There’s no argument that they are outnumbered—the Chevrolet Corvette team always has two C7. Rs, and the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team brings two, three or four Ford GTs, depending on how bad Ford wants to win the race. But even if you spend $150K extra to make it into a Ferrari 488 GTE, $750,000 for a brand-new car that could win its class at Le Mans is pretty appealing. Remo Ferri’s team has been racing since 1991, mostly in the Ferrari Challenge series, most recently running six cars there. And quite a debut it was: The Scuderia Corsa team of Christina Nielsen and Alessandro Balzan, with help from Jeff Segal, not only put the new Ferrari on the pole for the GT Daytona class, it gave the car its first win. Which means you start out with the Ferrari 488 GT3, and after you get some experience in that class, you can convert the car to GTE specifications, making it legal for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. By most any measure, the Ferrari 488 GTB is a better — and certainly faster — car, but when the company designed it, they weren’t just thinking of the road version of the car. Born in Modena, the Italian home of Ferrari, Mattioli graduated from law school and began working for Ferrari. If you want to buy a new Ferrari 488 GT3, expect to write a check for about $600,000. That’s a very expensive GT3 car. He subsequently proved that his success at the company was not entirely due to marrying Enzo Ferrari’s granddaughter, and the company sent him to the U. S. in 1995. Scuderia Corsa co-founder Art Zafiropoulo made a fortune in the semiconductor... That’s huge: Drivers of GT3 cars now have to either buy or rent a suitable car if they want to race at Le Mans — no GT3s allowed. Scuderia Corsa, appropriately based in Beverly Hills, California, was founded in 2011. Giacomo Mattioli, one of the founders, owns Ferrari Beverly Hills, which (again, appropriately) is the highest-grossing Ferrari store in North America. Previous GT3 Ferraris have mostly been an offshoot of the cars produced for the Ferrari Challenge, the one-make series for wealthy amateur racers. There’s only one team, and one car, regularly racing in the U. S. : the No. 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GTE of Toni Vilander and Giancarlo Fisichella, both Ferrari factory drivers. “Ferrari did a magnificent job with it. ” What was a surprise in the Pirelli series was the entry of a second Ferrari 488 GT3 by Fort Lauderdale-based TR3 Racing, the only entry in this story not directly tied to teams that also own Ferrari... There is indeed a 2017 Ferrari Challenge 488—the car made its debut in April at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi—and with its sealed engine benefiting from some aggressive computer mapping that Ferrari says gives it 670 hp, it could potentially be the... Not only is the Ferrari 488 GT3 an exceptionally well-conceived race car, Ferrari took the bold step in designing it so it could be converted, rather easily, into a GTE car. That said, Risi’s Rick Mayer believes that the 488 GT3 cars would actually be faster than the 488 GTEs if the GT3 cars had the same tires the GTEs do. Continental is the supplier of all the IMSA WeatherTech classes except for GT Le Mans, where —... Ferrari 488 GT3, IMSA: So intent on getting the Ferrari 488 GTE ready for its global debut at Daytona in January 2016, the company didn’t have the 488 GT3 ready, so the car made its U. S. debut in March at the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. He owns Ferrari of Ontario and Ferrari of Alberta, and he said he really wanted to go racing in the new Ferrari 488 GT3. “I love the race car,” he said. After decades of either supporting their own race cars or having racers build cars from street cars, GT3 — and the fast-growing GT4 class, which are slower but less expensive — lets manufacturers actually sell completed race cars. But if you’re going to the O. K. Corral with only one gunslinger, Risi is a good choice: The Houston-based team, founded by Ferrari dealer Giuseppe Risi, did introduce the Ferrari 360 GT to the North American racing market in 2002—and the 430 GT... Ferrari 488 GT3, Pirelli World Challenge: It was not a surprise to see the Toronto-based R. Ferri Motorsport team start the season strong, fielding the first Ferrari 488 GT3 car in the Pirelli World Challenge series, racing in the top GT class. Source:


  • Used Ferrari F360 (1999 - Present) Buyer's Guide

    2017. ISBN: 1846441587,9781846441585.
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    Keith Martin.
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  • A Flight and A Ferrari

    Notion Press. 2016. ISBN: 9789352068524,9352068521. 149 pages.

    A Flight and a Ferrari is the true story of a twenty-year-old venturing into unknown pastures in search of a bright future. He travels from Chennai to the United States with just a hundred dollars and a backpack. Hard work, destiny and luck complement each other to guide his path and as he crosses puddles, he also finds stepping stones. A Flight and a Ferrari is all about hard work, learning from experiences and facing some of life’s toughest challenges with confidence. Reviews 1) “Engrossing...

  • Supercars Field Guide

    Krause Publications. 2005. ISBN: 9780896892279,0896892271. 408 pages.

    They're the exclusive cars that make heads turn, crowds gather and pulses race. This handy field guide to supercars provides all the technical details an enthusiast needs, as well as over 250 photographs illustrating over 100 of the top models, including the vintage Porsche, Lamborghini and Viper.

portugal spain belem 1953 pegaso thecontinuum worldcars portuguesepresidentcarsexhibit pegasoz1028
Pegaso Z 1028 (Spain 1953)
Photographed at Portuguese President Cars Exhibit at Belem, Lisbon, Portugal In Wikipedia Pegaso was an established company noted for its trucks and motor coaches, but also produced sports cars for seven years....
Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr
silver 2000 bangkok ferrari 25thanniversary centralworld 360spider
ferrari 360 spider
he 360 Spider is Ferrari's twentieth road-going convertible. The 360 was designed with a Spider variant in mind; since removing the roof of a coupe reduces the torsional rigidity, the 360 was built for strength in...
Photo by Silver Blu3 on Flickr
silver 2000 bangkok ferrari 25thanniversary centralworld 360spider
ferrari 360 spider
he 360 Spider is Ferrari's twentieth road-going convertible. The 360 was designed with a Spider variant in mind; since removing the roof of a coupe reduces the torsional rigidity, the 360 was built for strength in...
Photo by Silver Blu3 on Flickr


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