Used Ferrari Price

Don't buy A Used Ferrari...

How much does it cost to own a Ferrari F355. Here is the exact cost of ownership over the last 1000 miles spend between myself and the previous owner.

Best value in used Ferraris

Medium mile first year car.

Cost of owning a Ferrari 360

Here is a summary of repair costs on an 04 Ferrari 360 I bought with 52000 miles.

Ferrari F430 - Ultimate Buyers Guide (Maintenance, Options and Price)

Wanted to share my experience when I bought my Ferrari F430 and some of the things I looked for before purchase - Maintenance, Options and Price.

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Ferrari? [Fuel For Thought]

To be honest there is no straight forward answer, but here's my attempt at running over the costs involved in buying a supercar like a Ferrari FF. There is a huge.

How to buy a used Ferrari - What Car?

We investigate a new approved used car scheme from Ferrari.

Used Ferrari Price Guide

Top 09 Cheapest Ferrari Cars In 2015 - 2016 || Pastimers

Getting Ferrari at cheap price is a wild dream but still there is scope as there are some.

Ferrari LaFerrari Price $3.2 Million USED! HD Hybrid Driving Exhaust Sound Review Carjam TV Ad 2014

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Ferrari NV (RACE) Needle Moving 0.95% - Lenox Ledger

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A rising tide lifts all boats, and with the market regularly closing at record levels, it's not hard to find stocks that are also doing well. But zeroing in on companies that are performing well because business is good, and not just floating higher thanks to an elevated stock market, is more difficult. This year, it appears consolidation is the next wave taking over the industry as Huntsman , the fourth biggest producer of TiO2, just got acquired by Clariant for $13. 8 billion. TiO2 is the whitest stuff on Earth, and is used in everything from sunscreen and toothpaste to food coloring and vehicle coatings. Read on to discover why Ferrari. Today, it primarily operates the Kapalua Resort in a Maui, a 900-acre world-class destination resort and residential community, and two utilities that provide potable water and wastewater treatment to Kapalua. The stock has doubled in value over the past year as its profitability has improved and sales of its supercars gained traction. The Tronox acquisition will catapult the specialty chemicals leader into "the world's largest and most highly integrated TiO2 pigment producer with assets and operations on six continents," which will allow it to double its profits in the first... The market has rewarded the stock by bidding its shares up into the double-digits, and last month, it reported an operating profit of $5. 9 million versus a $777,000 loss a year ago. Yet by ramping up production and selling more vehicles, Ferrari needs to be careful of making its vehicles too ubiquitous, which would mean risking losing the cachet they hold. The resort operator has subsisted largely by selling off assets over the years, and it traded in the low single-digits until early this year, when it sold off some property that moved it to within $1. 2 million of eliminating its debt. Maui Land & Pineapple (up 154. 8%) Despite its name, pineapples have nothing to do with Maui Land & Pineapple, other than a lot of the real estate it owns sits on former pineapple fields -- at least not currently. Maui Land & Pineapple still needs to prove it can operate profitably without big land sales, and though it has tripled in value over the past year (mostly in just the past few months), these are gains that might not hold. You won't find Ferrari with quite the same problem, but if it becomes the me-too car -- hey, I got a Ferrari. But at 36 times earnings and more than four-and-a-half times sales, Ferrari's stock is sporting a premium almost as big as the price tag on its cars. At 25 times next year's estimates and 15 times the free cash flow it produces, Tronox isn't a bargain-basement stock, but it's not overpriced yet and still may have some mileage on it. Rich has been a Fool since 1998 and writing for the site since... Ferrari (up 105. 6%) Shares of Ford and GM might be falling because of an uncertain outlook for car sales, but the stock of luxury sports carmaker Ferrari is racing ahead. Better industry conditions, a concentration of resources into fewer hands, the leading position in the industry, and the promise of higher profits have all helped to quadruple Tronox's stock price from under $5 a share a year to more than $18... Naturally, Ferrari's target consumer is one with a much higher level of disposable income, and the economic uncertainty that may affect sales of more mundane vehicles from its rivals doesn't hurt it. That also allows Ferrari to report profit... After years of a weak pricing environment, TiO2 producers were able to start raising prices last year that helped bolster the bottom line. Source:

In hot pursuit of an F1 engine in a street car - Business Day (registration)

"The redline is at 11,000 and it has a hi-tech turbo, which is driven by an 80kW electric motor. An F1 engine runs at 16,000rpm. "You can’t, and if it doesn’t rev to 16,000rpm, you have to ask the question: what remains of the Formula 1 engine. The key part of the technology is the Project One’s powertrain, which it insists it pulled directly from its F1 programme. The supercar industry’s widespread reaction to Moers’s claims of using a Formula One motor has been disbelief. With development ongoing, it will be fascinating to see how the Project One emerges as a finished project. That should make it capable of circumventing limitations on internal-combustion, high-powered cars in some city centres around the world. "Putting an F1 engine into a road car. While Moers would not be drawn on the car’s target weight, he did confirm that the entire powertrain would weigh about 420kg, with the battery pack accounting for 100kg of that. The battery, built by its F1 supplier, ABC, runs the same chemistry, cells and connectors as Hamilton’s racer but is four times larger to add in the Project One’s zero-emission capability. After 50,000km, the engines would either be rebuilt by AMG or, depending on the work needed, replaced. Mercedes-AMG has finally shown the mechanical layout of its thousand horsepower, Formula 1-inspired Project One hypercar at a sneak reveal at the Nürburgring 24-hour race. Ferrari, the only other race-. What makes it particularly complicated is that all its electric motors act as both motors and generators to recharge the fast-discharge battery, which has a 800V-12V converter sitting on top of its housing. "We are talking about a high-performance hybrid, with one combustion engine and four electric motors. How can you use a car that revs to 16,000rpm on the street. Ferrari basically said it did not believe Mercedes-AMG. Though heavily revised from the W08 EQ Power+ F1 car used by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in Monaco, Moers insists the modifications are only basic. The first deliveries of the car are due late in 2018, with Moers hoping to finish the production run by the end of 2020. AMG already has one mule prototype running to help with initial verification of the powertrain and chassis concept. Then there is a 120kW electric motor for each front wheel, which uses essentially the same construction and design as the MGU-K, but in different housings. AMG chairman Tobias Moers insists the car will become the new hypercar benchmark, with power of 750kW from the F1-based 1. 6l, electrified, turbocharged V6 and its four electric motors. "If we have a strategy and we move into a new era of performance at AMG, maybe it’s good to have something that opens the door in a very authentic way to that new era and this is it. "Plug-in hybrid is going to be the future for AMG. The all-wheel-drive hypercar won’t just deliver levels of performance unparalleled outside the world’s racetracks but will be able to run as a pure battery-electric car for up to 25km and, unique for a hypercar, its zero-emission mode will be... For all that, Moers insists customers won’t need the usual array of F1 race engineers and laptop computers to start the engine. The engine and eight-speed gearbox will be fully stressed parts of the chassis layout, while AMG has chosen to use a computer-controlled clutch on a traditional manual gearbox, rather than the dual-clutch transmission layout most supercar makers,... "The combustion engine comes from Brixworth (the UK engine development centre for the Mercedes-AMG F1 team), from the same people who delivered three consecutive Formula One world championships for drivers and manufacturers. In an interview at the Geneva motor show, Ferrari’s road-car chief engineer, Michael Leiters, said there was no way Ferrari would follow suit. By comparison, AMG’s 4. 0l biturbo V8 has a thermal efficiency of about 25%. At $2. 54m, the two-seat, hard-top coupe follows F1 practice by basing the entire car around a carbon fibre chassis tub, then mounting the engine directly to the tub and... AMG didn’t rule out customers choosing to buy the car with a spare engine ready to go. As an aside, it has yet to put a price tag on either a new engine or a rebuild. winning F1 engine supplier in 2017, clearly doubts whether AMG’s hypercar uses an F1-sourced engine — and whether that would be a good idea in the first place. First, there is the power and torque from the tiny 1. 6 V6 (which AMG wouldn’t talk about, but which must be somewhere around 350kW). Then it also has a 100kW electric motor (the MGU-K for "kinetic" in AMG-speak) directly attached to the engine’s... A ground-breaking engine in F1, the AMG V6 splits its single, large turbocharger, with the exhaust turbine moved to the back of the engine with the exhaust system and the compressor wheel sitting at the front of the engine where the cooler air is,... Technically, Ferrari used an F1 engine as the basis of its F50 supercar in 1995, though Moers insists the Project One will be a class forward from the least loved of the hypercar Ferraris. Source:


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Triumph TR4 A
Belem, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia The Triumph TR4 is a sports car built in the United Kingdom by the Standard Triumph Motor Company and introduced in 1961. Code named "Zest" during development, the car...
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Alpine Renault
Motorclássico, FIL, Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia Alpine (French pronunciation: ​[alpin]) was a French manufacturer of racing and sports cars that used rear-mounted Renault engines. Jean...
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Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing
MotorClássico, Parque Das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal In Wikipedia The Mercedes-Benz 300SL was the first iteration of the SL-Class grand tourer convertibles and fastest production car of its day. Internally numbered...
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