Vintage Ferrari

The Ferrari 250 GTO Speaks for Itself

Using hyperbole to describe the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO is unnecessary.

VINTAGE MECANIC Ferrari Testarossa

Vintage Mecanic Ferrari 400i

Million Dollar Vintage Ferraris Starting Up

Several vintage Ferrari GT cars start up at the RM Classic Car Exhibit.

The Ferrari 250 GT SWB Deserves a Special Caretaker

It's a haven for vintage cars to be maintained and in some cases brought back to life.

Vintage Behind the Wheel: 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

The Dino 308 GT4 was low on the collector scale despite being groundbreaking for Ferrari as it was their first production car to feature a mid-engine V8, was the .

FERRARI 330 GT 2+2 1964 - POV - V12 ENGINE SOUND ONLY - Drive around town | SCC TV

Not a spectacular 'revdrive' but hopefully a nice impression on how a vintage Ferrari would behave in normal traffic during normal circumstances.

GTO Engineering - Classic Ferrari Restoration Experts

Classic Ferrari Restoration and parts specialists talk about their expertise in restoring classic ferrari 250 GTO, 250 SWB, 250 testarossa and other Enzo era .


A video brought to you from SPASHION and Paul Blundell.

Is This the Most Valuable Car in the World? - Bloomberg - Bloomberg

With six carburetors, one for every two cylinders, the car produced 330 horsepower. At auction in 2014, one of its siblings fetched $29. 4 million. Rather, he displayed it proudly at his Swap Shop, a giant flea market and drive-in movie theater complex in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. What is Henn's 275 GTB/C Speciale worth. ) A slightly eccentric owner never hurt the value of a car either (see: Joplin, Janis ), and Henn falls squarely in that camp. But it's a better car and more rare—one of only three. In addition to being a profligate collector, the flea-market magnate ran a racing team and was a respected wheelman in his own right. When Fiat Chrysler rejected his bid to buy the ultra-rare LaFerrari Aperta (and returned his $1 million check), Henn sued the company for defamation. "About 10 years ago, he got an offer from a big Japanese collector for 35 to 40 million euros," recalled Ron Vogel, a friend and racing buddy. A few of these machines, however, were built for racing and stamped with a “C”—for “Competizione”—and "Speciale" (lest one think it common). It may also be the world’s first car to break the $100 million mark, provided it finds its way to the auction block. For the first time, cars for the road and weekend warrior drivers were no longer solely seen as a way to finance racing teams. When it went into production, Ferrari had recently restructured as a public corporation. "I think he responded, ‘Stop talking to me. ' ". For Ferrari, he was both a devoted customer and a provocateur. Before passing, he told Autoweek that he made sure the Ferrari will stay on display at the Swap Shop long after he is gone. Henn’s Ferrari is layered with the stuff. Critically, the 275 GTB was designed by Pininfarina, the Italian firm responsible for the bodywork on some of the most coveted Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. Closer in lineage to the GTO Ferraris that took Europe's racetracks by storm in the early 1960s, the "special" 275 GTBs had thinner body panels and a more spindly infrastructure, a metal diet that trimmed 300 pounds in all. Rabold said Henn's Speciale would fetch between $50 million and $75 million. Well, what someone is willing to pay for it. Brian Rabold, vice president of valuation for the Hagerty Group, said it doesn't have the historical racing significance of Ferrari's coveted early GTOs. Vogel said Henn repeatedly rejected Ferrari's offers to show the vehicle at its own museum. "At one point he said he wanted to be buried in it. ". If you are really keen on Ferraris from the 1960s, pick one up for $200,000—say a 300 GT. At that price, one could justifiably drive it down to Fort Lauderdale and ogle Henn's precious machine... One of the most coveted cars in the world lost its driver this week when millionaire Preston Henn, a South Florida flea-market magnate and racing aficionado, died at age 86. . Make no mistake, the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale could well be the... Source:

Model High On Cocaine Crashes Ferrari, Tries To Flee On Boyfriend's Private Jet - The Daily Caller

The Ferrari Dino is estimated to be worth nearly half a million dollars. Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. While authorities held the woman at the airport, her alleged boyfriend boarded his private jet and left the island without her. Aksu is out on bail but will face charges of suspicion of driving without a license and driving under the influence of drugs. Aksu and the unidentified 44-year-old boyfriend left the scene of the accident before police responded but were overheard by onlookers talking about an airplane, reports Daily Mail. Police quickly went to a local private runway and found the couple, who were waiting to board a private jet as it was being prepped for a flight. Elif Aksu, a 25-year-old Austrian model, was diving behind the wheel of her millionaire boyfriend’s vintage Ferrari Dino when she smashed into the back of a truck while going through a roundabout. A model high on cocaine crashed her boyfriend’s vintage Ferrari in Ibiza into a truck Monday, fled the scene and tried to flee the island on a private jet. Source:

Is this vintage Ferrari worth $100 million? - Autofocus

Is there someone out there who can convince Henn’s widow and four children to sell the car. Sweetening the story surrounding Henn’s car is the fact it won its class in the 1965 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Instead, Henn displayed the car at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida flea market and drive-in theatre he owned, called Swap Shop. ” A good friend of his said Henn at one point wanted to be buried in the car. Officially, experts Bloomberg spoke to said the car is probably worth between $50 and $75 million, and that one of the other three just like it sold a few years ago for a bit less than $30 million. Henn, who was apparently a decent driver in his own right and at one point owned a racing team, was quite attached to the car, refusing an offer of something close to 40 million euros and even turning down Ferrari when the company asked if they... Brian Rabold of the Hagerty Group, which is in the business of insuring vintage cars, told Bloomberg that Henn’s car is ultimately worth “what someone is willing to pay for it. ”. But a bigger question is whether we’ll ever find out what kind of... Source:


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    DIV "Ken Gross is one of the premiere auto writers in the United States. This is a terrific book... a great Father's Day gift and a great read." - Jay Leno Cars and rock ‘n roll have always gone hand in hand. Whether it’s a garage band piling into some decrepit rig to get to the next gig or a killer guitar riff blasting from a Mustang, rock ‘n roll keeps us moving when we’re behind the wheel. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the music world’s big names are also serious car guys. Jimmie...

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    "Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars" is the most extensive and detailed list of specifications ever published for identifying, dating, and establishing the authenticity of an instrument. This new edition is enlarged and updated, making it once again the essential guide enabling collectors, dealers, players, and fans to determine the authenticity, rarity, and relative value of vintage acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, and amps. "Gruhn's Guide"'s thoroughness, detail, and...

  • Mario Ferrari on wine and food

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Little Red Corvette
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