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Auto Shanghai 2015: Lamborghini at Volkswagen Group Night

Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show during the Volkswagen Group Night.

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 - Official Video

One man, one car, one mission.

Delivering a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4 Roadster in Nero Aldebaran

Heather Ballentine, Lamborghini sales specialist, takes you through the process of her recent delivery of a stunning 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4 .

Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank!

gl/9laQRW Snapchat: @JoshPalerLin Instagram: https://instagram.

2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4: Is it Legal to Have This Much Fun? - Ignition Ep. 147

There have been several big, mid-engined, V-12 Lamborghinis over the years.


com/channel/UC0x8Rh155itnrlQoAAbNRXQ RSK Video : https://www.

SCARING Jake Paul In My Lamborghini!!!

com/user/JakePaulProductions took jake paul out for a.

Driving My Lamborghini To High School Prom! Crazy Reactions!!

Today I drove my Lamborghini to my high school senior prom.

Lamborghini collides with hydrant in downtown Vancouver - CTV News

"High performance car. Low performance driver," one user said. "Too bad about the fire hydrant, though. "Fresh off the lot today and into a fire hydrant at Bute & Georgia. The sports car appears to have sustained minor damage to the front bumper where it struck the hydrant, but its sleek body appears otherwise intact. An image apparently captured in Vancouver on Tuesday shows a snazzy Lamborghini after a minor collision with a fire hydrant. The anonymous driver of a Lamborghini is being ridiculed online for striking a fire hydrant with his apparently brand new sports car in Vancouver. Source: www.ctvnews.ca

Lamborghini Partners with Medical Engineering Institute for Carbon-Fiber Research - Automobile

Manufacturers like Lamborghini use carbon fiber and have been molding, bending, stretching, and experimenting with it for years. Both Ferrari and Lamborghini’s Stefano Domenicali, the brand’s current chairman and CEO, sat down in Sant’Agata Bolognese and signed the partnership documents. Lamborghini has announced a partnership with Houston Methodist Research Institute that will see Sant’Agata share its expertise. ” The materials expertise will see Lamborghini’s carbon-fiber engineers sharing their research into the substance, in the goal of identifying “new materials that are lighter, better tolerated by the human body, and more resistant over time than... Lead scientist, and current president and CEO of the Houston Methodist Research Institute, Mauro Ferrari, Ph. D. (Oh yes, we get the coincidence as well), is currently engaged in nanotechnology research and in applied bioengineering, which will... According to Lamborghini, the brand is also working with the Occupational Medicine Unit of Bologna University Hospital, the Neurosurgery of IRCCS Institute of Neurological Science of Bologna, The Neurosurgery Humanitas University Rozzano-Milano,... Source: www.automobilemag.com

Taking the Lamborghini into the shop - Viva El Birdos

As for what Grichuk has been sent down to work on, I’ve heard and seen several people outside the organization suggest it’s to focus on “pitch recognition. If he’s hitting with that elite power, you can stomach the 30% strikeout rate. Before the season, I noted that it has been routine defensive plays that have been most problematic for Grichuk, and wondered if that would temper his performance even in the less-demanding corner outfield spot. Carter, on the other hand, showed it was possible last year to lead the league in home runs and still barely be worth more than replacement value. Yes, he’s a good base runner, but as litle as he’s on base, that skill doesn’t add a whole lot of value. The Lamborghini is in the shop again. Maybe they can help Grichuk rediscover his power. For one thing, Grichuk’s 2017 K% actually sits just below his career average. His walk rate is the best of his career, up a half-point over last year. Maybe - though I really doubt this - but maybe they can make improvements somewhere in his strikeout or walk rates. When I wrote the original post, I was still optimistic that Grichuk could hang around as a slightly-below-average center fielder. As GM John Mozeliak told the Post-Dispatch , “All of us. know he’s got that type of power, that game-changing type swing. Davis managed the herculean feat of raising his walk rate - at least over a few peak years - and turned himself into a very valuable player. The point is this, Grichuk’s eye looks about like it has every year of his career: Poor. Each showed elite power, struck out like crazy, and struggled to maintain even a. 300 OBP over their first four years. The Cardinals probably aren’t ready to put the Lamborghini on Craigslist just yet, but the move to Palm Beach suggests they may be looking at more of a re-build than just a tune-up. Managing to hang around in a premium defensive spot would have been another way to retain value even if his power dipped, his Ks surged a bit, etc. Power - even elite power - is not enough. I looked for players similar to Grichuk, at least over the first four years of their career, and I did find two interesting comps: Chris Carter and Chris Davis. For me, when I wrote that original post, I still thought there might be a way for Randal to balance his skills - elite power, good base running and slightly-below-average defense in a premium position, against his major flaw - the strikeouts. I don’t feel like Randal has changed greatly or tanked as a player or anything like that since 2015, but his success was always going to be a precarious balancing act, and the one thing we do have now is two more years of evidence that striking... Source: www.vivaelbirdos.com

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Lamborghini Aventador 6.5 '13
LP700-4 V12 6,498 cm³ 700 HP 690 Nm Top speed: 350 km/h (217 mph) Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 2.9 s www.lamborghini.com/en/models/aventador-lp-700-4/technica...
Photo by Falcon_33 on Flickr
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Blue Bull
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera www.facebook.com/BrandonBaileyDesignPhotography
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Prior Design PD-GT850 Widebody Aero Kit for the Audi R8
Prior Design PD-GT850 Widebody Aero Kit for the Audi R8 complete with a set of ADV.1 Wheels. More info on the kit can be found here: www.priordesignnorthamerica.com/audi_R8_PD_GT850_widebody/ Don't forget to...


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