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Used Car Heroes: £10,000 - £15,000 - Maserati Quattroporte

Most executive cars are German, but the Maserati Quattroporte's blend of style, prestige and sportiness make it a refreshing alternative.

2010 Maserati Quattroporte S 4 7 V8 used cars SUVs Miami vehiclemax net white 32488


Maserati Granturismo review - What Car?

com/car-reviews/maserati/granturismo-coupe/summary/25719-4 The Maserati.

2008 Maserati GranTurismo Used Cars Greensboro NC


Buying a used Maserati Quattroporte - 2004-2012, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide

Buying a used Maserati Quattroporte M139 - produced from 2004 to 2012 What is the best engine, which gearbox should you choose, what are the common .

2007 Maserati Quattroporte Used Cars Denver NC


2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT Used Cars - Valley Park,Missouri - 2016-09-28

See more details about this used car at http://velocitymotorsportsllc.

Luxury Used Cars '12 Maserati @ Lone Star Used Cars

2012 Maserati Quattroporte S $36995. 00 White / Tan 47654 Miles / VIN: ZAM39JKA5C0065313 4 Doors, Rear Wheel Drive, Sedan, 4. 7L 425. 0hp, 8 Cylinders.

2009 Maserati Quattroporte Used Cars Jacksonville FL


1985 Maserati Quattroporte Used Cars - North Andover,Massachusetts

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Maserati Rolls Out New Certified Pre-Owned Program With Unlimited-Mile Warranty - The Drive

Italian cars won't go down in history for their reliability (or affordability). That being said, the cars will have to meet a healthy list of requirements. This could make a solid case for Maserati against its German competitors, swaying premium buyers in its direction. Maserati claims that the vehicles must still have a partial amount of the factory 5 year / 40,000 mile warranty in tact. However, Maserati has now released a Certified Pre-Owned Program that offers new customers a 6 year / unlimited mile warranty to sooth their worries, perhaps making it a more logical time to buy than ever. Such has been the problem with used-Maserati ownership, driving some customers away in fear of having to pay out big sums to keep the cars running. Once the car has been deemed qualified by Maserati, it's then covered by a warranty that spans six years and an unlimited amount of miles, enabling you to drive freely without the concern of extraordinary maintenance cost. The automaker doesn't claim bumper-to-bumper coverage, but they do specify that the coverage includes engine, transmission, differential and driveshaft, suspension, steering, brake system, cooling system, fuel system, electrical components and... Source:

2017 Maserati Levante is Set to Boost Maserati Fortunes -

The standard air suspension can be adjusted at different heights and in different positions. As with most of its competitors, the nose of the Levante is elongated while the rear is truncated, giving the overall shape a sporty demeanour. Elegant chassis, luxurious interior. Once settled in behind the wheel, it’s easy to be spellbound by the sheer quality of the leather and by the ambience of the cabin. The steering wheel, meanwhile, has dimensions that lend themselves to a pleasant and proper grip. it features high-quality leather, contoured seats and a dashboard dominated by a large infotainment screen bordered by vertical ventilation ducts. As well, a left-right torque vector enhances stability during cornering. The step is a crucial one for the prestigious Italian brand, which is attempting to reclaim its corner of the spotlight after several years of struggle. In any event, the “base” model produces 345 hp, while its more-powerful sibling ups that to 424 hp, and both are wedded to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Also adjustable is its firmness, but keep in mind that the Sport mode renders the suspension of the Levante frankly too rigid for our North American roads. Factor in the Ferrari-made engine and a suggested retail price of $89,600, and you end up with a product that could appeal to many a luxury-SUV buyer. The objective may seem a modest one, until you remember that just five years ago the company was producing a mere 4,000 units per year. Now, several years and rounds of rumours later, Maserati is joining the club. However, the bankruptcy of Citroën in 1973, followed by its buyout by PSA, left Maserati in liquidation. Once out on the road, the Levante proves itself pleasant to drive, and it’s tempting to indulge in the shifting of gears using the two paddle shifters located on the back of the steering wheel, just for the pleasure of listening to the engine. The resounding success of the Cayenne did allow Porsche to rake in some serious profits, which it turned right around and used to develop new sports models. These days, Maserati is part of FCA’s Sport Group alongside Alfa Romeo and Abarth, and its ambition is to garner annual sales of 75,000 units. The arrival of the 2017 Maserati Levante fits into the automaker’s strategy to attain its new sales goals. The 2017 Levante is well-served by it 3. 0L V6, developed by Maserati but assembled at Ferrari’s manufacturing plan. Any self-respecting Italian luxury car has to have a racing-minded engine under its hood. These few quibbles aside, the 2017 Maserati Levante delivers high levels of exclusivity, luxury and driving pleasure. This did not go unnoticed among its luxury-car competitors: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and even Bentley now include luxury SUVs in their lineups. By default, the all-wheel drive distributes the majority of the torque to the rear wheels, but it can transfer up to 50% of that torque to the front wheels in reduced-grip conditions. The company was then bought and relaunched by Alejandro de Tommaso, but the cars that resulted failed to impress, and it would take the integration of Maserati into the Fiat Group and FCA to bring it all the way back from the brink. There’s no denying that the Levante is an elegant creature, starting with its front grille bedecked with vertical chrome bars and featuring the famous trident icon, included on Maserati cars since the 1920s, and which is inspired by the statue of... Having experienced its greatest moments of glory in the period leading up to and following World War II, notably in the high-end luxury-car domain and on the race track (cue Juan Manuel Fangio winning the Formula One championship in 1957),... Source:

2017 Maserati Levante S first drive review - Drive

this isn't the sort of car you would choose to cross the Simpson or frolic in Newcastle's Stockton dunes. We don't expect any Australian customers to run their cars non-stop in the desert for three hours. Our left-hand-drive test model featured well-weighted hydraulic steering with plenty of feel, though that system will soon be replaced by more efficient electric steering necessary to offer active driver aids. Sand sprays wildly from all four wheels, showering the car with grit as we power slide across the peak of a particularly inviting dune. Maserati says that's no bad ting, and that rival models offered by the likes of Audi share switchgear with much cheaper Volkswagens. While all of the above systems eventually returned to normal, one car had a dashboard "check engine light" that did not go away. Maserati's Levante has been on sale in Australia for a few months, giving new opposition to established players such as the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. A thoroughbred engine screams as the SUV scrambles to find purchase on the shape-shifting surface, roosting desert scenery like a rally car on the Dakar. The car's attitude can be adjusted with the throttle, steering or brakes, offering endless possibilities for raw driving joy. It's a more visceral experience than that offered by Audi's diesel SQ7 - in more ways than one, as we also experienced the odd moment of drivetrain lash or lumpy gearshift with the car, even driving quietly around town. The Levante feels like a sports car on the sand, where it offers a beautifully pure form of driving. Hardware includes the engine that uses 10. 9L/100km to produce 316kW and 580Nm outputs, allowing it to hit 100km/h in 5. 2 seconds before reaching a 264km/h top speed (that's a remarkable 1. 7s and 34km/h faster than the diesel model). Until now, Australia's Levante range has offered just one engine, an effective if unassuming turbo diesel unit that lacks the fire and brio enthusiasts expect from an Italian sports car brand. In Maserati's defence, the environment was an extreme test of a car's abilities, and the vehicles were fully functional by sunset. The raw ability of the Levante off-road was staggering, particularly as our car was wearing the Pirelli P-Zero tyres a Porsche 911 might wear, the exact same rubber used to assault twisty mountain roads prior to our desert adventure. That car's tyre pressure monitoring setup also quit in the heat, while the other vehicle flagged a warning about the car's catalytic converter overheating. Two test cars experienced operating failures to ABS, active damping, air suspension and electronic stability control systems, with one car reverting to a comfort-oriented drive program in the desert, temporarily stranding the driver with a lowered... Source:

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    The resounding success of the Cayenne did allow Porsche to rake in some serious profits, which it turned right around and used to develop new sports models. This did not go unnoticed among its There's no denying that the Levante is an elegant

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