Yellow Maserati Granturismo

YELLOW Maserati MC Stradale - BRUTAL SOUNDS!!

In the video you can hear a startup some revs and accelerations where you can really hear the amazing sound of this car.

Yellow Maserati GranTurismo Sport - Startup and Soft Accelerations

I film a yellow Maserati GranTurismo Sport starting up, doing a small rev and driving out of Millenia Walk, Singapore.

YELLOW Maserati Granturismo Mc Stradale - Acceleration in Berlin

This video shows a Maseati Granturismo Mc stradale accelerating on the Küdamm in Berlin.

yellow Maserati GranTurismo S

All the info on this video can be found here ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ This is a very cool yellow Maserati GranTurismo with black rims that could be seen at the Val de Vienne .

LOUD Yellow Maserati Granturismo MC Sportline

[ INFOS HERE ]---------------------------- Full HD video.

YELLOW Maserati Granturismo - Driven by Purpose

2013 Driven by Purpose **My Facebook** https://www.

A.I.M.C. Maserati Gran Turismo (Exhaust system S, only yellow in Ukraine)

ua Vkontakte: http://vk.

YELLOW 'Novitec Tridente' Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale | LOUD REVS + Acceleration

It is a 'Novitec Tridente' Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale.

Yellow Maserati GranTurismo

One of my top 10 favorite cars.

Yellow Maserati stradale

Eight wildest cars from 2017 Geneva motor show - Drive

If the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider wasn't already fast enough, expensive enough or exclusive enough, then Swiss style-meisters Mansory have the answer. In fact, it only brings the occupants in its bejewelled cockpit even closer to the screaming Mercedes-AMG-built 6. 5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 nestled behind them. The annual Geneva motor show is not just where the big brands roll out their latest high-powered heroes. Pagani says the car is lighter and more powerful than the hardtop coupe despite its open-air layout. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible already stands out among the crowd for the simple fact it is the only SUV with a folding roof. It is also where a collection of Europe's finest boutique supercar makers, design houses and tuning shops wheel out their wildest and weirdest creations. However, just in case you wanted a bit more attention, German body shop Hamann can make it look even more. The Italian brand will build only 150 of the Huayra Roadsters, each costing around $3million. The famed Italian design house made its name redesigning existing sports cars for wealthy owners that wanted something different. Either way, it looks cool and costs a pretty penny at just over $800,000. Pagani Huayra Roadster. Not surprisingly, it's engine, which is fed air via a giant scoop on the back windscreen, has been massaged in a similar way to produce 603kW and 950Nm. While Gemballa commands an astonishing pricetag for its work, it proves that money can't buy... The car will be featured in the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator as part of a virtual world championship series. On display at the Geneva motor show, this white Evoque Convertible was riding on massive 22-inch forged alloy wheels and featured body extensions in every direction making it wider, longer and lower than the standard car. Italdesign will produce just five of the V10-powered mid-engined machines, each costing over $1million. The RUF CTR is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of its famous 'Yellow Bird' - a tweaked 911 Turbo that video gamers might recognise from early versions of Sony Playstations Gran Turismo racing simulator. Featuring an over-the-top widened body kit made from carbon fibre with oversized 21-inch wheels and four cannon-style exhaust pipes at the back, the Avalanche looks like something out of a Japanese Manga cartoon. The mid-engined machine is built around a carbon-fibre structure and powered by a bespoke 4. 8-litre naturally-aspirated V8 that produces around 450kW and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in under three seconds. Created by Brazilian Formula One world champion, Emerson Fittipaldi, designed by Italian stylists Pinanfarina, powered by the company behind Mercedes-Benz's racing engines and promoted by Sony Playstation, the EF7 is the first car created by the... While the 2017 machine might look exactly like the Type 964-based original, it is built around a bespoke carbon fibre body created by the German tuning house and is powered by a water-cooled twin-turbo flat six-cylinder engine, producing 521kW and... David Brown Speedback GT. With its classic retro styling, the David Brown Speedback GT looked out of place against the angular supercars it was surrounded by. Based on the final Jaguar XK but with more than a hint of Aston Martin's iconic DB5 in... The 4XX Siracusa takes the mid-engined drop-top from Maranello to another level, from the quilted silk in the footwells of the cabin to the mottled carbon fibre body additions and an engine that has been tweaked to produce 581kW. Sitting next to a... Source:

2017 Maserati Quattroporte Debuts, Plays Catch-Up with More Luxury, More Tech - Car and Driver

The luxury-oriented GranLusso (pictured in blue) incorporates a chrome-heavy exterior and a richer interior with Ermenegildo Zegna silk fabric inserts and open-pore Radica wood for the dash. and the GTS with rear-wheel drive and a 3. 8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine making 523 horsepower. Options include four-zone climate control, heated rear seats, and an electric rear sunshade. Maserati is attempting to right these wrongs with an update for the 2017 model year. The updated Quattroporte will go on sale this month, although Maserati has not yet announced prices. These may rise a bit compared with those for the outgoing Quattroporte, which started at $101,700 for the S, $109,700 for the S Q4, and $144,300 for the Quattroporte GTS. , we’ll continue to get three models: the rear-wheel-drive S with a 404-hp 3. 0-liter twin-turbo V-6. the S Q4 with the same engine and all-wheel drive. Maserati is finally catching up to the herd with a new Advanced Driver Assistance package that includes active cruise control, lane-departure warning, and forward-collision warning with automated emergency braking. GranLusso and GranSport trims are optional on the S and the S Q4, while Quattroporte GTS buyers can choose either of the two trim levels as standard. It matches better the grille of the new Maserati Levante SUV , while a bit of extra chrome trim gives the Quattroporte a slightly richer look. More choice is always better for discerning luxury customers, so Maserati is introducing two new trim levels for the revised Quattroporte: GranLusso and GranSport. The central touchscreen measures the same 8. 4 inches as before, but it uses a newer version of the so-called “Maserati Touch Control Plus” interface and incorporates a new central control knob positioned behind the shifter. The more-aggressive-looking GranSport trim (pictured in white) brings 21-inch wheels, red brake calipers, and black exterior elements, along with piano-black trim for the interior and a restyled steering wheel that’s trimmed in either carbon fiber... Despite being a key element in Maserati’s recent global sales growth, the current, sixth-generation Maserati Quattroporte sedan was decidedly behind the curve when it debuted in 2013. It lagged German competitors in available technology, and its... Source:

Why The Maserati MC Stradale Is The Biggest Motoring Cliché Ever - Car Throttle

The steering’s good at the whole feedback thing too, but the most important takeaway is just how lively it feels. And the roll doesn’t matter: the softness isn’t excessive, and it means even on the bumpiest back roads, it never feels like it’s wildly skating about. It’s spacious, comfortable and rides respectably under normal driving conditions, but still responds jolly well when you poke it with a big stick. The one bugbear from this exciting driving personality. But, as with the dated interior, the MC Stradale delivers another salvo of infectious charm that makes me forgive the naff transmission. Then, I get to do something I’ve been rather looking forward to: punch the ‘race’ button’. It sounds incredible no matter what the engine speed: at low revs it gargles, in the mid range it barks, and as you hurtle towards the 7500rpm red line, it goes into a full-on scream. It’s all rather dated in here (reinforced by the sat nav, which is rubbish), a reminder that the standard Gran Turismo upon which this is based is now eight years old. Another burst of power, and once more there’s a bloody great thump from the car’s innards as cogs are swapped. The noise it makes, the way it drives, how it looks, the fact it’s Italian and that badge on the bonnet. They’ve all been replaced by cars that used proper DCTs. it all comes together to provide something many fast cars simply cannot deliver: an experience. So, to have one in front of me, and to be holding the key, is rather special. And the noise, good lord the noise. I’m probably wearing a quizzical expression as I study the key which has just been handed over to me. It’s a fairly ordinary-looking, flip-out thing, but there’s a little trident logo on one side. None of those cars can hold a candle to this Gran Turismo’s charisma. Few manufacturers still use such an arrangement, and it’s not hard to see why: with the Gran Turismo set to auto mode, low-speed shifting is massively inconsistent, going from being just a little mushy to full on lurching. The answer is lots of speed, and lots of noise. If you have a lot of early starts and don’t like angering your neighbours, then this isn’t a car for you. I’m unsure how much I like the psychotic gear changes - even if the masochistic part of me sees the appeal - but again, the MC has another trick up its sleeve to placate my woes: it’s properly good to drive. And what a fine shape it is. Up close, the wheelbase looks a lot longer than I’d been expecting, but then again, it does actually have four proper seats inside (and I have tested those seats with regular, full-size adults). As I gingerly manoeuvre off the drive - being careful not to clout the MC’s considerable rump on any nearby immovable objects - one thing becomes abundantly clear: the gearbox is heavily flawed. the darkness interrupted only by a set of bright yellow brake callipers. And even though it’s a pain to shoot a dark-coloured car, I don’t care: this Gran Truismo looks stunning in Grigio Grantino with graphite wheels. Despite the company churning out a series of utter dogs in its time, it’s still one of the most special, most beguiling brands in the automotive world. Despite the constant to-ing and fro-ing between genuine ecstasy and frustrating fault finding, I’m already falling for the Gran Turismo MC Stradale. Suddenly, the throttle is more responsive, the gear change time drops to just 60 milliseconds and - most importantly - a flap in the exhaust opens, letting yet more V8 shrieks rip through the air around me. A couple of downshifts later - each... Not to mention one of the oldest: the company had already been around 33 years by the time a certain chap called Enzo founded a now rather famous car firm in Maranello. And that’s a big deal, because that signifies that this is a key to a Maserati. It’s tricky to pinpoint an exact rival, but things like BMW M6s and even Jaguar F-Type Rs - if you don’t mind losing those generously proportioned rear seats - offer considerably more power and modernity for a hell of a lot less than the MC’s... I mean, come on, there’s a bloody Maserati cutting a rather distinctive shape on my driveway. Despite having around 100kg shaved off compared to the regular Maserati GT, the MC still weighs over 1700kg. But the 444bhp and 376lb ft on offer does a good job of overcoming the bulk, getting you from 0-62mph in 4. 6 seconds. Especially considering this is the finest car in Maserati’s line-up: the Gran Turismo MC Stradale. It’s proof that there’s a lot of truth in the well-worn cliché that suggests flawed brilliance is superior to perfection: that the better car isn’t always the better car. I’m venturing out of town now, giving me the chance to pull back a couple of times on the left hand paddle - a generously proportioned carbonfibre item shaped just like the one in Maserati’s MC Trofeo race car - and see just what happens. The worry with a GT car being turned into a sports car is that you’ll end up with something horribly compromised that doesn’t successfully emulate either sort of vehicle, but this Maserati is one of those cars with a split personality. Source:

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Yellow Mc stradale
Nice find today. The colour is really nice with this car. Please leave some comments or add it to your favorites if you like this shot
Photo by Benoit cars on Flickr
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Yellow Maserati GranTurismo - Hoxton Square, London N1
A lovely looking bright yellow Maserati parked up on Hoxton Square in central London
Photo by bobaliciouslondon on Flickr
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Photo by MikeTroy Photography on Flickr


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